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After looking at these videos I thought to myself I have never thought about religion the way it was explained in this video. I didn’t thinking about how religion has 3 parts to it that which are the myth, ritual, mythicism. Most religions on practice two out of the three parts which are myth and ritual. I like how you explained that all religions serve the same purpose which is to connect that person to their higher self when all 3 parts are being used properly. In the video you also explained how each religion practice has a creation and heroic myth about them. Also they all have resurrection myth as well in the religion as well. In the video you also explained how the religions like Christianity and Muslim all say if you do not believe in our faith then you are damned to hell. Which leads to the question that normally ask myself. Why no matter what faith you believe in there are some faiths who will say you are a wrong and they wish hell upon you. What was I get from the kemetic religion which I think is drawing more to learning its teachings is that it does not say that about other who believes in something different. What I like about the kemetic religion is that each individual God or goddess is a repsentation of everything in the world and everything inside of you. Also something that I learned watching this video which I find every important is that your not giving the teachings all at once to someone. The aspirant has to do they want learn and desire more something like a development that tailors the aspirant. Unlike the christianity where you in a church and just forces to listen to someone else’s prescription of the bible.