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Behudet Maat

Lesson 9
A.Take notes on the most important themes you heard: video 1 shetaut neter philosophy, what is Neterianism? Based on Egyptian mysteries. Vol. 1 introduction to shetaut neter.
Shetaut Neter is the earliest religion practiced in history. There’s evidence of its existence as early as 10,000 B.C., just pushes back the date of religious practice 7000 years older than what was previously thought. Up till now it was thought that the Sumerian practiced religion earlier than the Jews, Hindus, Buddhists etc. The Neterian religion comes first in history, western and eastern religions take many of their teachings from the Kemetic culture. The Greek mythology of Plato and Pythagoras, the Hindu teachings, all come about by interaction with kemet.

What is Neterianism?
We are not a cult.
We are not a church.
We are not a New age religion
We are not a Masonic order
There are many people trying to follow the kemetic path or tradition of Isis butt there are a lot of admixture in these practices.

There are two branches to our organization. One is the Sema Institute. Under this branch is the Sema University, where you can get an Associate Degree with programs, theres the bookstore, audio tapes, the educational aspects are for the Sema Institute. The Temple of Shetaut Neter/ Temple of Aset includes everything related to priesthood, spiritual counseling, initiations, and spiritual worship programs. the Institute and temple work hand in hand.
There is plenty of I can are see that shows the way the African Kemetians looked contrary to the narrative by Egyptology.
The term Neterian comes from the religion of Shetaut Neter just as you have Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism etc.

Khepera came into being and created the Universe, the Gods and Goddesses the Neteru (cosmic forces) He told a philosophy called Shetaut Neter to Djehuti and Djehuti taught Goddess Hetheru and also taught the teachings to Asar and a Aset. Khepera commissioned Asar and Aset to come to earth to teach humanity. Asar created a worship system we use and gave the hidden mystery philosophy contained within the Shetaut Neter teachings. Heru is the son of Asar and Aset, she is the embodiment and the epitome of soul or spirit (Asar) joined with intuitional wisdom (Aset). When that happens in a human being they become a Per ah (Pharoh) or ruler of Egypt (kemet) and kemet is the entire world.
Shetaut Neter means something hidden Neter means divinity so Shetaut Neter means the teachings about the secret divinity.
Shemsu Neter means follower of Neter.
Neterians are the ones that follow the the Neterian path, following the teachings of Shetaut Neter. You act like the Divine, think like the Divine Etc.
Neter is the original cause of all creation same as Khepera which bought all divinities into creation.
Neterianism is not idolatry, it’s not polytheism it is a system devised as a way of understanding divinity as cosmic poets i.e. Shu= air, Ra= Sun worshipping these aspects of the Divine is what Shetaut Neter is about.
Iconography- The Neteru may be depicted anthropomorphically or zoomorphically in accordance with the teachings about wth the teaching about Neter that is being conveyed through them. It is not that the divinities existed this way in fact, these manifestations give you an understanding of the type of power they had that manifest through you.
There are three steps to religion and if any of these steps are missed your going to have a disjointed religion which is one of the problems we see in this world.
1. Myth (matnu)-legend, story myth (if one isn’t born into the religion then myth is taught first to someone new to the religion)
2. Ritual (Aru) -ritual ceremony (is usually first for those who are born into the religion)
3. Mystical – if mysticism was practiced by all the religions there would be no conflict.
The myth is transferred through story telling, speaking through proverbs speaking tales.
The most important myth in kemet is the Asarian Resurrection Myth. In the Myth there are different stages learn the Myth then you are to practice the Myth then you are to effectively learn the truth about the Myth and the truth of the myth of the Asarian Resurrection myth is that you yourself are the one who has been disintegrated by Set and you yourself are the one to be put back together by a Aset and you will be reborn as Heru.

Basic daily observances of Shemsu
Ra Neb- Daily worship- 3 times daily
Times: dawn, noon, dusk
-light candle
-light incense
-recite 4 great truths
-chant daily Hekau
-study scripture
Items needed for worship Ankh, scroll with great truths, amulets or Approved Divinity image, candle incense prayer mat or blanket.
Goddess Maat is the first and foremost step in the practice for an aspirant, Maat represents a cosmic force related to ethics, righteousness, order and truth. It is important to practice Maat for spiritual Evolution.
Video 2
Designations of the Neterian Temple
1). Sebai(t) spiritual preceptor
2). Seba(t) a spiritual teacher
3).Sbait kheria- assistant teacher instructor
4).Hm(t) full priest(ess)
5). Ab(t) apprentice priest(ess)
6). Unut (ministers-Deacon, part time novice priest and priestesses)
7). Basu-teacher
8). Asar- initiates
9). Rekhyt or Shemsu(religious devotee)e

B. Note which one you thought was most important and why: Neter is the Supreme divinity the original cause of all creation like Khepera, that divinity brought all other divinities into being. The point to remember is that Neterianism is not idolatry and it is not polytheism. It is a system devised in Africa but also used by Native American
And Indus it is a way of understanding Divinity in the form of cosmic powers so you have the Divinity of air which is a cosmic power, water is a cosmic power , and if you understand that all life is composed of cosmic powers that emanate from the Divine self that cosmic power can be an entry point. It’s like if you understand that the sun rays are emanating from the Sun, if you follow where the sun rays come from they lead you back to the Sun , therefore, worshipping the Divine or the aspects of the Divine or the manifestations of the Divine that is what Shetaut Neter is about. It leads us back to understanding of the supreme being. The reason this is so important is because it explains the Neteru and how they permeate throughout the boundless universes as cosmic powers and the one can invoke these powers in, through and around them and understanding them as an entry point into the Divine SELF that is the underlying essence of all existence is key to Shetaut Neter religion and attaining communion with the Divine.

C-Note any questions you may have:

are the GLM, kemetic diet and African origins certificates still being offered?

How does one obtain the Om Amun Ra ptah chant CD?

How does an aspirant who sees he/she is making progress by the encouragement of others who say they see change in them keep from unknowingly becoming egotistical and at the same time not stagnate their progress by being overly self critical in attempts to be humble?

When one sees their spiritual preceptor as the embodiment of God realization and aspires to emulate them is that personality worship since the student sees the teacher as having the qualities of the Neteru and not an egoistic personality?

Ankh Udja Seneb