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A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard

In these lessons I found it interesting how the Kemetian culture has had a major impact in meaning different cultures. The Kemetian culture and religion had some much information stolen and changed to fit other cultures needs. The ten commandments are the exact same as the teachings of MAAT.  most cultures that we went over had come factors and that was they all had one savior and also their gods would have something like the MAAT teachings and go against what their commandments stated.


I found the most important was how Christians came into Egypt and occupayed the temples. They began to deface important are work with cravings of crosses and the way they burn things destroyed are work. They further more began to imposes their religion on kemet. Which is way now you see the name ceremony has changed to what it is now.

C-Note any questions you may have

Why did the Kemetian Not fight back against the greeks or establish a strong army to defend themselves?