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1. Why is it that Kemet did not focus on “race” but I noticed through some groups of followers of Kemetian culture seem to make that the emphasis of it all? Are they missing something? Not fully grasping enlightenment?
2. The US concept of creating peace within other nations is through war. How was it that ancient Kemet was so successful in growing with this approach? Wasn’t there opposition to this way of life?
3. What practices can be put in place to practice transcendence for a beginner?

Dua-thank you for the summary of the lesson.

On your question #1 You are not missing anything except the factors that human beings caught in the matrix of the illusoriness of Creation cannot be expected to A-all at once fully grasp the meaning of the teaching and its deep implications for how thought, feeling and behavior should ideally change and B-they cannot be expected to be able to fully implement that understanding until extensive cleansing of the Aryu (unconscious impressions) occurs. Until then the practices of shedy are to be engaged so as to lead oneself to that coveted enlightenment and freedom from spiritual ignorance).

On your question #2-Ancient Kemet was not a country based on conquest as later barbarian cultures like the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Ottoman, British, French, Spanish, USA, etc. cultures have proven to be. In early times Ancient Kemet expanded by colonization of areas not inhabited and exploration and trade as well as later in history through taking over areas from countries that sought to harm Kemet. There they spread the wisdom of Maat and treated those people not as slaves but as citizens who could become naturalized.

On your question #3- The practices have and are being disseminated through this program, the books and other materials and in general are referred to as “SHEDY” the disciplines of promoting personality cleansing, integration and maturity for allowing inner spiritual growth.