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Udja Sebai Maa,

In evening proscribed scripture – Prt M Heru Chapter 8, verse 15 reads:

” 15. … The soul of of Set, which is greater then all the gods and goddesses, was sent. It is given to me to make fettered his soul within the Divine Boat, for his desire is feared by divine body parts.”

My contemplation on this piece is about the unfettering of the aspirant and compared with this teaching on the fettering of Set by the Divine Boat (higher self.)

Question: On the fettering of Set in relation to the above.

1. Would it be correct to understand that this verse teaches that Set, as a teaching-principle-attribute of creation, is always and naturally fettered by the higher self, because that is the proper relation of the immaterial higher self to the material sense-mind body? And that in the teaching of becoming unfetterd, that it is the Aspirants which is to become unfettered from Set (sense illusion-ego consciousness-ignorance-afflictions-dullness-agitation) through the battle of heru and Set via Maat and Shedy,in order to re-establish within oneself the natural hierarchy of creation and attain the divine boat (lucidty-nehast)? Essentially, Set is never unfettered, but it is the aspirant which is to be unfettered?