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Level 1 Lesson 22, Audio Assignment Kemetic Lifeskills Class #1, 1:26:39

It is my understanding that I am not to summarize the audio recording but to post any comments or questions.

1. I appreciate the program which includes a mix of instructions and practical life teachings. On the body, it is the foundation of our spiritual practice in this practical life and must be kept healthy. Mind has to become more calmed and sound to provide the compacity to understanding and practice. Soul must be able to have Shedy (all aspects), devotional practice and feeling, and meditation.

2. The connection between the mind and body stuck out to me. The ways that nutrition are important for body and proper functioning of the brain. Sound mind and healthy body are important for the working of the whole system, to enable practice and proper movement.

3. The discussion on the body and Kemetic diet in relation to denatured foods, poor farming, and supplementation was very important. Previously I held the idea that a pure diet was sufficient without supplementation. This lecture gave a clear logic for me to understand the reason for supplementation, the possible issues later on the can result, and the ways that they help. About two months ago I began taking a couple of the main suggested supplements and have had great benefits, so this has been an area of growth for me in my dietetic understanding.

4. The discussion on having faith and trust in the Kemetic teachings because they have been proven and are proven by the initiate in their own life. This was very profound discussion. Especially when discussed in relation to using the Wisdom texts as true guides in our life problems and when need advice and guidance, acting as a proper parenting and education for the initiate. This point also hit home. This was also discussed in relation to health for the mind, and having the ability to contemplate and reflect properly on the challenges of life and make a new and better choice if old patterns and education were flawed.

5. The discussion on challenges presented by poor childhood and poor association when young hit home. And the need to purify and heal the conditioning of the mind with the right-thinking, right-feeling, right-action of Maat and the teachings. Maat is of primary focus I feel and I am very happy my first Winter Retreat Conference will be rooted in Maat and the teachings of Maat.

6. The discussion on clear mind to allow us to have right-feeling and devotional feeling for the teachings, shedy, and Maat was particularly important.

7. The discussion on the teachings of Sage ani and good association very important and is becoming a part of my own transformation. Learning to take association seriously and moving all areas of my life toward good association.

8. “Culture which is tainted with illusion, to promote delusion.” And the relationship to this and feeding the mind “untruth.” As aspirants we have to learn to seek and feed on truth, meaning not associating, resisting, and purifying ourselves with ideas and concepts which promote seeking after illusions for happiness love and awakening (fundamentally wrong thinking.)

9. Hearing Sebai Maa read the Prt M Hru – chpt 21 was very appreciated. Read with vitality and a mind that understands it instead of reading it as an old archaic text.

10. The visual and guided meditation with the crocodiles was amazing. Very helpful in understanding shedy way to deal with and transform afflictions and fetters. Very much Dua.