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“Aset is actually referring to Herself as the defiant creature. By allowing Her Life Force to develop to a one-pointed focus, as explained in the lecture, Aset has become the tafy shepsy. So, too, must the initiate “sculpt themselves into that form.” The lecture explains that this is accomplished through “purity of ethics, purity of understanding the scriptures, purity of food, purity of the mind, dispassion, khak ab, antet begag, and devotion. These are the challenges before the initiate that forms the tafy shepsy.”

To these disciplines we may also add the discipline of the meditation of the serpent power itself. This whole discipline as described is the practice of the Taffy Shepsy (Serpent Power) and that process has the same goal as the general disciplines described in the text. The initiate can also augment that general process through specific meditations on the TS including breathing techniques, visualizing the movement of its energies and by concentrating on that movement and its point of focus, alone (once there is sufficient purity) achieving one-pointedness of mind that pierces the illusion of Ra, which one’s own belief in one’s identity as something that is part of Ra’s creation, is part of. (so the belief itself is part of the illusion). Of course, all of this requires readiness for a major life change and thus the gradual method (practice of the general disciplines outlined in the text –except the special serpent power techniques) would be more gradual for most personalities and therefore may be more advised, for most aspirants.



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