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The discipline of indifference, which is covered by the terms Maat and hetep as well as others, relates to the idea of realizing since the world is illusory you actually have no part in it to the extent you consciously are aware of your transcendental nature (even when experiencing time and space). Therefore, since you really have no part in it, and since, as we also know from the teaching, you are separate from it and in any case it is illusory, therefore there is nothing to care about either way from a transcendental identity point of view. As a entity manifesting in time and space you can and will automatically manifest goodness and make effort to help others but that effort is to be impersonal and the joy of helping is originated from within, the same source of impetus to do good to the world (promoting balance, justice, truth (Maat)) and not from without. The sun shines not because it shines on things but because it shines. So too the enlightened spirit shines and whether or not that shine hits on something like the sun on a planet or whether it goes into outer space as in the case of the sun not shining on a planet, nevertheless there is shining regardless. So, whether you are appreciated or not or listened to or not is material so it is immaterial. Whether you care or not either way about some situation of life that is material and therefore also immaterial to the higher essence or shall we say the other essence that you are. This perspective allows freedom from the mental fluctuations that cause distortions as well as opacities in mind that can form into aryu. Therefore, through this way of living, based on truth (reality transcends time and space (duality) instead of the falsehood of believing in life and Creation and the illusory fleeting situations and concerns found there as “real” there can be greater clarity and of course true liberty from life itself, allowing the capacity or true and unbiased action that benefits all humanity instead of conditional or partisan biases that benefit some but not all.




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