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Considering the image above, from a scientific point of view, the sun’s rays become weakened or shall we say; for example, the grosser aspects like infrared become less powerful and the other aspects can be experienced directly without physical harm during early or late hours of the day. Therefore, between dawn and say 9:30 am and between say 3pm and dusk (depending on the geographic location on earth), it is possible to be out in direct sunlight and “collect” the subtle emanations of Ra during those times as he is “weakened” during those times in his daily cycle. Then those rays can be used to bolster and build the personal life force (sekhem) that allows one to forcefully move through the gross aspects of the personality (energy centers and the psychic personality with its emotion (Ka)) so as to discover the subtler aspects of the personality (including the Ba, Sahu and Akhu) and with that action/process thereby discover nehast (enlightenment). The subtle emanations of the sun can be collected by manipulating breath and also by sheer will directing thoughts through visualization along with collecting the grosser through plants including having a vegetarian diet and that can be supercharged by For more on this look at the video feedback for this post.




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