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Bastu Akhu

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Udja Shems Baket

Dua for your very nefer post that covered so many important aspects of the teachings. One of which is the importance of Vs. 18 “pegas n su secher her satyu sek n s Aset”. I also felt it important as well and it was one of the verses that I found captivating. Sebai’s expanded explanation also gave me an insight into understanding the metaphysical implications of this verse. What is being collected is the wisdom of the illusoriness of the world which began with the poisoning of the world by the taffy shepsy. Then, as one begin to be more successful in practicing the teachings, the shedy disciplines, saa rech, demonstrating khak ab, antet begag and an chen, the more the wisdom of the teachings will ‘flood’ out to you, and it will become more obvious that the world is an illusion as Lady Aset found out. The participation in the exchange of poisoning the illusion of creation is a continuous one until enlightenment has been attained because as Sebai added there needs to be a time of “nemu nemu” a time of stillness of the sacred serpent after the poisoning. This is so because poisoning of the illusion doesn’t mean it goes away. The illusion will continue to try to fool you (as we will find out as the scripture unfolds) and as such there will be plenty opportunity for one to fall back into the world. Dua Sebai Maa as now I have further insight into an chen, the reason why Lady Aset did not stop.