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Bastu Akhu

Reply to Shems Heryt ‘s post #6876 and Sebai’s response post # 6894
Udja Shems Heryt,
Dua. I appreciated your post on Ka-ab. Indeed, the contents of the heart, ariyu is what needs to be transformed, so you actively seeking to reach your spiritual goals by consciously seeking to dive deeper into its “unchartered territory” is laudable. I particularly resonated with your statement “…through ka-ab, I am allowing my heart (ab) to empower my soul (ba) to take the lead rather than my ego.” The battle between Heru and Set came to mind with this statement because control of the emotions is indeed needed for spiritual victory. Sebai’s response gave me further insights into the process of getting from thinking to feeling. The more you reflect and concentrate on a subject the more likely it is for the thinking process(ka) to move into a feeling process(ba) leading to strong convictions. Since the ariyu, is mostly feelings, I gathered that changing its contents through change in convictions, is relative to dispelling ariyu.