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Bastu Akhu

Question for Reflection

What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically or otherwise to emulate human lady Aset on her path?

There were several teachings in this lesson that I found salient in emulating lady Aset on her path, three of which are not only the keys to her success but the very foundation of her meditation that lead to her enlightenment, khak-ab, antet begag and an chen. Though they were discussed at length in previous lessons, having the underlying concepts reiterated was very much appreciated as it allowed me to reflect on my understanding of them. I gathered that the state of being indifferent is the state of khak ab which comes from a deep understanding of the illusoriness of time and space, it is not abiding therefore not true, as lady Aset discovered. Therefore, my reflection thus far is, I can be indifferent and still handle practical reality as the outcome of my actions as well as that of others is also not abiding, therefore not truth, however if my actions are maatian it will free me from agitation which seem to be the result of a cyclical process that stem from and leads to attachment to outcome, sustaining the ego personality through the feeling of disappointment and pleasure repeatedly. So, if I don’t take sides, like or dislike, love or hate, no matter which way the cookie crumble my heart will be steady and light enough to lead me to lucidity that lady Aset experienced to intensify her path. These things I am mindful of and would like to apply them daily to my capacity with use of antet begag, not being weary or discouraged.

My understanding of an chen has also evolved with this lesson, but I would like to get further augmentation from Sebai Maa and/or Seba Dja about it. I think the an chen (not alighting) the scriptures spoke about lady Aset attaining is in the mental/ astral realm and not physical things such as being consistent with daily worship, yoga etc. I think it’s the focus of her ‘thought’ itself seeking after the nature of the one true and transcendental being that she was un chen about which took her to deeper and deeper levels of understanding until her thoughts and feelings were on one accord. I seek to emulate this aspect of lady Aset because she was focused and not all over the place in thought. She took a ‘morsel’ of the teaching/ philosophy and did not let up until It gave way to a deeper and deeper understanding (Saa).