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Bastu Akhu

Lesson 5
Video assignment

Sebai Maa began the lecture by doing a brief recap of our pass lessons. Up to this point, we have gone over the beginning part of the Asarian Resurrection Myth where Ra asked Asar and Aset to come down to earth in human form to be leaders and guides for mankind, this is prior to the scripture of Ra and Aset that we are currently studying. They agreed and retain their divine inclination but lost their full divinity because they came in human form, much like us.

We also covered vs. 1 – 8 of the scripture of Ra and Aset where Ra is introduced to us as a ‘dual divinity’. Sebai explained that the Ra that we see as the Sun God or the Supreme Being is a demigod, the outer representation, the face or the mask for the Divine Self. Sebai also points out here that the Supreme Being is not dual but the manifestation is coming out in a dual form, the one that we can see with our eyes we call Ra but there is another form and we are told this in the beginning of the scripture.

We were then told in the scripture that Aset came in the form of a woman who is studied in words, the disciplines and knowledge of life, having studied the lower mysteries, such as law, engineering, oceanography, medicine etc. Sebai at this point explained a salient aspect of Aset, she’s the mistress of sailing, she calms the primeval waters from the agitation or residue in the form of waves caused by creation, the movement of the boat of Ra, time and space. Aset, intuitional mind, stops creation itself, because there is no time and space, it’s an illusion created by the movement of the boat of Ra, there’s only eternity, which is not conditioned by movement, or change in time (creation). I gather that this is speaking or trying to express in words an experience of awareness beyond time and space, which can only be accessed through clarity and purity of thoughts, feelings and actions. So, study of the philosophy and purifying body, mind, thoughts, feelings, actions etc. is what leads to saa, a deep understanding, which then gives entry to this experience, which is the goal of this scripture and all meditation systems.

Sebai then covered where we left off last class in the scripture, the three-fold process as described by Plutarch who was an initiate of the temple of Aset; Listening ; Reflection ; Meditation

Lady Aset, Aset as a woman (not yet Goddess Aset, not yet attained God Consciousness) comes to the scripture having achieved stage 1, she has listened to the teachings and now she is going to begin her reflections.
Important to her reflection and apart of stage 1 is the wisdom of Khak Ab. Aset realized that life is suffering with spurts of moments of pleasure, joy etc. but always leading to the same end, death. So, she, as Sebai Maa so eloquently puts it, “Dive into the Abyss that is Ra” spirit, by repudiating the illusion and degradation of the world, which only seems real because of the delusion of ignorance. Lady Aset did not want this and through proper understanding (saa) she was able to act with wisdom and truth by the demonstration of khak ab which is the key to success on the spiritual path, it puts the mind where it needs to be, on truth, on what’s real, on spirit.

Sebai also went over some reminder slides that he shared previously as well, one of which was the concept of ariyu and the ariyu that is in our heart being the reason for us reincarnating. Another was that the cause of ariyu in the heart is due to the duality of desire. Love and hate is what causes duality in our minds and when this accumulates it causes opacity in our heart, in our feelings, not allowing us to see anything beyond the veil of egoism covering our hearts, so this becomes what we see through, the ego which limit us from seeing our transcendental nature.

Now continuing with lesson 5…

List the important points covered in this lecture

Bonus Scripture #1 – PMH and Asarian Resurrection Myth
Concept of antet bagag and an chen– In the text Aset seek to protect her brother Asar, looking for him and not resting. She did it in an antet begag form which means she did not rest, falter, weary, feel helpless, discourage, dissuaded etc. She also did it with an chen, without alighting, without stopping, she didn’t stop even for a moment, her attention was one pointed and sustained until she found Asar and not a moment before. The importance here being, until Asar (the Soul) is found, there can be no rebirth, and no chance of Nehast. So these characteristics of intuitional wisdom (Aset) is salient to the process.

Bonus Scripture #2 – Lamentations of Aset, from the book of Commemorative words to be said by the Two Sisters (Aset and Nebethet) in the House of Asar

Lamentation words – In this scripture, Asar has been killed and Aset and Nebethet are crying. Aset spoke special words of devotion. She uttered words of caring and love. She lamented on the toils of life and the loss of Spirit and uttered a call of remembrance of return of Spirit. Both Nebethet and Aset has the power to bring the Soul back. Nebethet through purified body and Aset through purified mind and intuitional wisdom.

Main Scripture of Aset and Ra

Vs. 8 -11

Reflections of Aset

Aset’s reflections begin at Vs. 8. One of the important key to the TOA teachings, Khak Ab was reiterated– Aset, having studied worldly subjects/lower mysteries, reflects on other realms of existence beyond physical reality because she understood the futility of the pursuits of human beings and the nature of human existence (no matter what it ends in death) and she was disappointed, it gave her a feeling of “disgust” so she rejected the option of identifying with being a mortal human being and became dispassionate and disillusioned, considering instead the option of gods and goddesses. She then considered and thought about the options of being a Sage or Saint (Akhu Shepsu), then in that thought she goes deeper and concentrated (Ka Set- conscious mind, desire body) on what it would be like to be ‘like Ra’, a divine enlightened entity, having dual consciousness, being aware in both the physical and astral realms. So, being like (mi) Ra not in physical characteristics, but his essence, how he feels, acts, etc. and what it would take to accomplish this.

Vs 12 -Vs 13

Meditation of Aset Begins – (The Divine Name of Ra)

Aset continues by not only concentrating and reflecting on the idea of attaining goddess consciousness but allowing it to permeates her heart (Ab-set), meditating, going deeper and deeper into her unconscious mind, then she concluded that becoming as wise as Ra is possible by knowing the divine name/true name of Ra, seeking after the nature of the one true and transcendental being. Sebai expounded on the concept of a “name”. The name of something is what gives it existence, however as Sebai says, it is a delusion to think that because you give it or call it by a physical name you know its true essence. So, worship of the physical name of Ra (exoteric) is not worshiping the true essence or saintly name of Ra, though it has its place it’s still not abiding. What is abiding and true is knowing the esoteric, inner name of Ra because if you know this there is nothing else to know because the essence of Ra is the source of all things.

Vs 14 -Vs 15

The Pattern of Ra

Ra enters the scripture again in Vs. 14 making his daily sailing on his boat with the nine gods and goddesses, the nine aspects of the personality. Then Ra’s personality is perched on two thrones, the throne of the eastern and the throne of the western horizons in his Ra-Herakhty form which sustains creation.
Aset starts to study the pattern of Ra as he sails, the duality of the two horizons and how the sun set in between them, and what it all means so she could discover his divine name, his true essence. Sebai expounded on the meaning of the akhet symbol making an analogy between it and the head resting on a pillar between two hills (right and left hemispheres of the brain). A deeper meaning of which is the merging of duality represented by the hills (intellectual and feelings, creative and logical etc.) into non-duality represented by the sun.

Vs 16 – 17

The Emanations of Ra

Then we are told that the dual divinity, the one of the two horizons gets tired and old and becomes Ra – Tem, the form of Ra that dissolves creation. As he makes his way to the west he begins to drool which turn to fluid pouring out unto earth.

Vs. 18 – 20

Aset Transformation Begins – Making of the Taffy Shepsy

As he advanced further the dribble started to pour out more ferociously, falling on faces of persons, and half of the earth, the side that’s facing the sun. Sebai adds if you want the wisdom emanating from Ra, Spirit, one would have to face the light, the right side of the earth, facing truth, order, maat. I gather that creation is now becoming weak, dissolved through the piercing by its own temporal nature. Aset knew the significance of this special emanations of spirit and began collecting it. She then mixed it with soil (matter) using it to enliven her serpent power to transform her personality into a sacred serpent (Taffy Shepsy).