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Bastu Baket

Reply to Shems Heryt’s TTOA Lesson 8 Post #7247

Udja Shems Heryt dua for your post. In reading it I appreciated your statement:
“She is “provisioned with power.” These “provisions” are “residing in Her mouth” in the form of “Nafu n Ankh” (breath of life). (verse 64) This is a most important point because here we come to understand that through Aset’s invocations (words of power) life can be restored to those “overwhelmed by instability.” Thus, the “provisions” of Aset, namely the power to give life, is an important point for the initiate because, as Sebai Maa points out, “Aset is the model for the initiate.” What I understand from Sebai Maa’s feedback on the provisioning is how important it is for us to be properly equipped/provisioned just as Aset was. She was able to penetrate the outer expression of Ra, his ego personality “overwhelmed by instability” with her form as Taffy Shepsy and get to the source of Ra but she is also the cure of it’s poison, the “Nafu n Ankh”. Then life that can be restored to those overwhelmed by instability is the true understanding of life, and with that instability can be dissipated as one now knows their true nature as Aset does.

Shems Baket