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Ancient Egyptian man and woman


Just to clarify – the terms “Old Kingdom”, “Middle Kingdom”, “New Kingdom”, etc. are terms designated by modern day egyptologiests and are not necessarily terms that would have been used by the Ancient Egyptians themselves. We use them for commonality of studies being able to have a common frame of reference but only to that extent.


Human beings can learn to control the passions by being in the company of those who control their passions so this means good books, good shows and good company of people who are mature and not operating primarily out of their lower instincts and reinforcing animalistic (instinctual) behaviors. Therefore, this means being in the company of priests and priestesses and those who are advancing students of the teachings and ultimately in the highest expression means being close to the Divine for there all passions wane since fulfillment negates the need for worldly passions. Being in such company allows one to see and experience and practice a way of life that is higher as opposed to the reactionary or emotional path of most human beings.

The Kemetic religion helps marriage because it demonstrates the higher reality of relationships, that it should not be based on ignorant and egoistic desires but on the ideal of discovering higher consciousness and this causes balance, true caring and higher purpose in life.

Considering that you are referring to “Abstinence” -In so far as a human being feels the need to engage in sexual relations that is perfectly in line with the nature of human existence as long as it does not violate the laws of Maat and hurt self or others. Those who may be maturing spiritually and recognizing that their fulfillment, physically, mentally and spiritually does not come from sex relations with the world but with spirit, may choose to engage in tantric relations with the divine, meaning a process of uniting with the higher self that is more pointed and advanced as well as fulfilling, freeing and empowering.