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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1, Lesson 17 Audio Assignment, 102AA Introduction to Kemetic Diet Track 2.mp3

1. It is important to abstain from eating meat, as it is full of impurities. While messages from the cattle industry suggest that animal protein is a good or even necessary component of a healthy diet, it is not actually necessary to eat meat in order to live. Nutrient requirements can be met through consumption of a variety of plant foods.

At the same time, overfarming has caused decreased nutrient content of foods in general. Juicing green vegetables is a good way to increase intake of nutrients. Juicing can be especially helpful for those transitioning from a diet of mainly meats and cooked foods, as it can be difficult to absorb nutrients from organic or raw foods when the body is not used to them.

Transitioning away from meat can be difficult due to cultural influences. Many cultural dishes from around the world are meat-based. Pressure from family members and other members of one’s community can make it difficult to let go of meat.

The Kemetic diet does not suggest abstinence from cultural foods, but suggests that one should eat foods of one’s higher culture: the Spirit. While the general population in Kemet ate meat, those of the higher culture, the priests and priestesses, abstained from meat. Identifying as the higher self gives an aspirant the empowerment to change.

The saying “you are what you eat” is true. One’s diet should consist primarily of green foods- vegetables and fruits. Since God in the form of Asar is green, by eating green foods it is possible to become one with God.

It is important to remember that the one, true source of disease is ukhedu, or the obstruction of the personality, sinews, and mettu. Body, mind, and soul can be cleansed through fasting.

Fasting for the body can be achieved through the intake of green juices only for a period of 1-2 days. This is healthy for the body, because overconsumption of food clogs the mettu. Overeating also diverts energy from higher mental thoughts and feelings to the processing of the foods. Additionally, the intake of the wrong types of foods leads to constriction of the mind, and prevents lucid thinking.

Fasting for the mind can be achieved through the study of the teachings that lead to spiritual enlightenment. The wisdom gained from the teachings allows one to understand the world so that its illusions no longer have an effect. One should listen to the teachings of the saints and sage in order to make the mind green, and allow the intellect to flourish. Dispassion and detachment are qualities that one should develop and practice. Taking actions and becoming involved in work that is righteous also promotes greenery of the mind. Furthermore, spending time in silence of mind and mouth allows the mind to regenerate itself.

Fasting for the soul can be achieved through transcendent experiences. These occur through the fleeting fulfillment sometimes achieved through worldly experiences, or through meditation. In modern American society, meditation is rarely practiced and people seek fulfillment through other avenues, such as drugs. However, no drug can provide greater fulfillment than truly transcending time and space.

The disciplines of the Kemetic diet promote the level of purity that is necessary in order for Nehast to occur. To succeed on the spiritual path, it is necessary to find a qualified guide or teacher. This requires humility, and the ability to submit to a higher authority.

2. I follow a vegan diet, and am in the process of re-engaging in the Neterian community. I am also in the process of re-establishing the trifold worship as a part of my daily routine.

3. Currently, I am purifying my diet further, for example by increasing my intake of vegetables relative to my intake of cereals. Now that my schedule will allow, I am also increasing the time I spend in morning meditation and Smai Tawi.