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A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard

One of the biggest themes is that you must understand Kemet culture as an african culture. If the culture is seen as anything other then african culture it would appear as if it was a pyramid in its summit. Nubia or kush is considered the seeds of african culture and Egypt or Kemet culture is the flower. With that being said kush is the start of african culture and Kemet is the development or improvement of that culture. Kemet also was a major and important influence on african culture it brought improvments to the african culture, technology, and trade throughout africa. Because of a lot attacks we directed towards Kemet people started to migrate from Kemet to congo,nigeria,asia, and South Europe. Also the trade routes increased the influence of Kemetian culture. You can see pyramids in Mali which are called mounds. Aurian artifacts were found in the Congo. Zembabwa’s stone cities had the falcon standard craved in the walls which known to represent the for heru. The wings,disk, and serpent symbol could as be found in Mesopotamia which orginated from kemetic traditions.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why?

The most important thing I found about this lecture was how kemetic studies grew from african culture and then it improved other cultures from its teaching. I is crazy how they attracted so many other cultures to these land just to learn there culture to develop their own beliefs. Another thing that I found interesting was that the great pyramids were used as temples and not barrial cites. When I was in school they teach us that Egyptians sealed that dead kings and queens in side these pyramids. Going through this class it opens your eyes to so much about your culture and what your ancestors did and who they were.

C-Note any questions you may have

Why did the Kemetian Not fight back against the greeks or establish a strong army to defend themselves?

When did Mesopotamia come into existence and how did Kemet influence their growth?

After Kemet notice their culture was being degraded why didn’t they isolate themselves from the Romans and greeks?