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Interactive Lesson 6 – Level 1
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Overall, this was a very accurate and concise rendition of the issues related to Great truth.

What stands the most for me is the following section that i am quoting: the aspirant should know that through practicing the Shedy disciplines regularly over time, and practicing good association (including receiving the teachings in the presence of the Sebai) he or she is ultimately guaranteed to achieve the “Great Awakening”.

This relates to two of the injunctions to the aspirants commanding one to have faith in own ability to act with Wisdom as well as attaining enlightenment. It is not blind faith but a mental attitude whereby the aspirant develops trust on the tradition that allowed many one before him being successful in the path of enlightenment. That faith is based on the understanding of what it is that the aspirant is pursuing throughout the spiritual journey without which the attaining of the goal is impossible. Understanding of the spiritual goal, as well as the lives of the Sebai and other Sages as manifested evidence of the ability of the teaching to lead one to enlightenment, provide the aspirant with the ingredients to develop faith in his own capacity. In that sense, it is faith based on knowledge about the goal to pursue and the examples of the Sages who have been successful in the path. The more knowledgeable the aspirant is about the capacity of the practice of the teaching to lead him to enlightenment, the more advanced he can be on the path.