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Dua for the lesson summary

A interesting question.

Indeed, the aryu of a community, society, culture, country, etc. follows the same process as that of the individual that comprises the culture or society, etc. It is driven by the deep seeded desires feelings and notions of reality just like the individual, so there is a group mind or mob mentality that manifests and this gives rise to a cultural personality which we may refer to as that which drives “culture” and its peculiarities. However, it is manifests differently. For example, an individual can make rapid changes in life whereas the society cannot. The society needs a certain number of individuals to change and then the effects can be seen in society. Another example is, there are 2% of people who are vegetarian and though we see more vegetarian choices in supermarkets we see virtually no change in co2 and methane emissions in the world atmosphere and no decrease of meat eaters in society. In order to have change a certain amount of positive aryu needs to be present in order to have a positive effect on the personality and so too the society needs a certain number of individuals thinking and feeling a certain way in order to change.

Now, an important factor in this societal change is the societal philosophy that the society lives by as well as the leadership of the society. IF those two are counter-ethical then the society may be mired in negative aryu indefinitely and souls who are also negative (with egoistic, ignorant and or sociopathic/psychotic tendencies [meaning more negative aryu than positive]) will feel drawn to such a society, country or world, etc.

For this reason it is advised to have righteous leaders, those trained in ethics philosophy (Maat) and who have been trained in mystic wisdom philosophy (Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian religion) since they learn about the nature of self and the kinship of all life in the spirit from which all souls arise. This promotes leadership of caring, balance, understanding, forgiveness, sharing and elevation instead of greed, cruelty and vacuous self-serving ideologies to which sociopaths and psychopaths flock.

If that is not possible and the society turns to base human thought, feeling and emotion (anger, hatred, greed, ignorance, cruelty, despotism, barbarism, pleasure-seeking, etc.) then it is incumbent upon the individual to seek out those of like mind to form cooperatives for the support and benefit of all for practical living and support of the common higher spiritual perspective of life.

If that is not possible then it is still incumbent upon the individual to on their own, individually seek out that path that leads to spiritual evolution and enlightenment regardless of if there is outside assistance, social cooperation, tyranny, etc. The type of person who has not grown in khak ab and feels tied to society or family and cannot make the necessary changes away from what is contradictory to Maat (truth of life -enlightenment) and moves towards commiseration in the delusions of physical life and cannot bear to be alone, to allow others to live their lives and let them go their way and not follow with them, even if it leads to perdition or feel incapacity to be away from family, the comforts of society or the belief in unrighteous government, religious or social leaders, then that person’s destiny will be tied with theirs and the outcome will be common to both.

A true mystic, the higher goal of all authentic aspirants, is someone who ultimately treads a path of life that is solitary even in the midst of a crowd, so if there is no crowd it is the same to them; and there is no loneliness since the mystic moves towards what common people desires but can never find, the fulfillment of inner peace that comes from discovering wholeness of spirit. People living ordinary lives will never discover that as long as they tie their fate with that of any trappings of worldly life and its compelling, though illusory human experiences.