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The Temple of Het-Heru was one of the Temples in which Kemetic Culture directed civilization.
This Temple was dismantled and the material was used to build Christian churches.
DISCUSSED: organization of the Temple. King/Queen the leaders.
Crook & flail symbolizes power to lead and direct.
DISCUSSED: downfall of the Kingdoms. Prompted by invasion by foreigners.
Multiple marriages not allowed.
Concept of bull & 7 cows: the spirit is the source of life which begets the existence of time & space. 7 cows = infinite number – bull/1 spirit = all creation.
Categories of Cultural Expression: origins/history – nationality – art – religion/spirituality – philosophy – language – architecture – iconography – myth & mythological motif.
Different cultures develop because of different situations
The underlying essence of culture is a way for humans to exist in time & space.
3 forms of reality: physical, idea, verbal
The true reality of the world transcends cultural expression.
The human goal of life is to discover the ultimate reality of creation.
Relative reality changes over time.
Naming gives physical existence.
Karmic Basis: residue from previous actions
DISCUSSED: Supporting Cultural Factors
DISCUSSED: Evidence of Contact
DISCUSSED: difference between ethnic and culture
DISCUSSED: ethics and spiritual consciousness
The education, guidance, and discipline given in the Temples are important to me. Our present educational system leaves our children lacking in many areas they will need in life. Our history has been given in minimal amounts if given at all. Our children are taught a Western Culture that doesn’t benefit our people. Our children live in a world that’s corrupt. They’re taught to survive this corruption, by being a part of the corruption. The Kemetic Temples taught the lesser & higher Mysteries. The Temples were based on Maat philosophy. The Kemetic Temples taught our people to live righteous. Htp.
I have no questions at this time.