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Indeed, when the character Jesus in the bible talks about the lilies of the field he is referring to how everything is sustained by a divine entity. However, that does not imply that we should throw up our arms and let god do everything. Look at where that leads. It means we need not worry about things that we do not need to worry about and take care of things that we do. So we need to take care of hygiene, learn to read, gain a skill to sustain ourselves, study the teaching and become wise. Etc. Can you imagine being around someone who never takes a shower of cleans themselves after going to the bathroom and instead says let god handle it! Same goes for everything else.
Don’t worry about the rotation of the planet, that’s god’s department. You handle your life, your ethics, your family, your neighborhood, your economy, your government, your spiritual evolution, etc. That’s your department. It comes from effort not just prayer or faith. In modern times faith-based religion has become synonymous with ignorance, bigotry, self-righteousness and sectarianism, believing one has the “truth” so no need for anything else. Yet this is a fallacy as we can see how so many “born again” and fundamentalists can be more cruel, ignorant and irrational than others. If we follow the teaching correctly we are to realize that we are one with that divinity that handles things and that is not just faith but experience; experience to be discovered and which cannot be left up to government or corporate leaders to provide..