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Some corrections first.

The public worship was conducted by the priests and priestesses for the general population. The internal temple worship was conducted by and for the initiates, the priests and priestesses for their own AS WELL AS for the benefit of humanity, and the general population was not allowed in the inner practices.

The meditation recorded in the Tomb of Seti 1 was not the earliest practiced but the earliest extensively recorded.

You said:

“C. If the heart goes down & it’s lighter than the feather. This mean the person will sit on the throne, becoming one with Asar. This fate teaching about the soul & after death comes from the Myth of Sa Asar.“


Actually if the heart goes up it means it is lighter than the feather.


You also said:

“Who do the younger generation have to look up to or learn from? Do they even care anymore? The younger generation seems to think they have it all figured out & depending on the state of the older generation, do they even want to listen to their words of advise? Then they will, hopefully live to be an elder too, how wise will they be? Respect of the older generation has decreased so much in this day & age as well.”


Becoming older in chronological years does not necessarily mean one has become wise or should be considered as a wise elder. In ancient times a wise person meant a person who has become righteous and spiritually advanced “Maa Kheru” – having done this they become revered as sheps or exalted elder/ancestor.

A person who becomes akhu shepsu means they have become enlightened beings, sages, saints and this is the highest. Verse 10 from scripture of Teaching of Temple of Aset refers to the akhu shepsu:
Today, the culture of social ignorance emphasizes youth and pleasure seeking as well as the cult of personality as well as codependent narcissism so people look to peers and social media for meaning in life and in our generation it was TV and in the previous it was personality and faith-based religion, etc, etc., so ignorant human existence has become more degraded with each generation but that does not occur in a linear fashion so there are some generations that seem to improve like from the 19th century to the 20th with hygiene and public health but technological development does not necessarily mean advancement or civilized wise development. Yet there remains ignorance that has led to the continued unrighteousness of unchecked greed and unregulated pollution foreshadowing the demise of human society and the collapse of the life-sustaining environment. In modern culture the ignorance and greed and unrighteousness are reinforces which necessitates not listening to any wisdom that contradicts the desires of ignorance and greed and unrighteousness. Even if it did, as you say, who would they listen to? The previous generations from the mid-20th century to today are mere examples of increasing ignorance to today as a factor of faith-based religion that allows and supports unregulated capitalism, racism, sexism and plutocracy. So where can one go? When the soul suffers enough it will cause its own suffering and demise leading to a reincarnation or will face its inadequacies and error and seek a higher way which requires a major lifestyle change. Who is ready to do that? Human nature has demonstrated that most people are not ready to do that and would prefer to stay as they are-suffering on to death, than change to a higher way and the majority, led by sociopathic and psychopathic leaders, will dictate the outcome.


For initiates, though, it is a different story. Those who have the capacity to seek a higher way, a path of authentic wisdom instead of self-serving mercantilism, will be led to the true goal of life that does not perish with the worldly fortunes, whatever they may be, good or bad.