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In this personal assessment you have begun to look at yourself honestly and this is an early step in being able to achieve the goals of life because you yourself are the obstacle or help to those achievements.

You are not alone in feeling challenges to participating in the Neterian community. This is part of the struggle and challenge of living in these times and having this predilection in life.

Indeed there are many similarities with Christianity and those were detailed in the book MYSTICAL JOURNEY FROM JESUS TO CHRIST- formerly called CHRISTIAN YOGA.

However, the similarities end with Heru and Jesus since, Asar, who is the “Father” in Neterian religion, is something both attainable and proximate, whereas in Christianity the Father is far off, aloof and unattainable and separate. You will find that the knowledge gained from living as a Christian, though limited, actually can be something to build on once the wisdom rejected by the early Catholic church is reintroduced to the spiritual practice and then it is a short move to go to the original source of Christianity, the Asarian Resurrection tradition of Neterianism.


Continue with your studies and as an adjunct assignment to this lesson you should review the personal assessments of other aspirants who came before you and I think that will be both eye-opening and a strong source of good association with the Neterian community in virtual communications if not in in-person contact, which can have benefits and also detriments.