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Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga.& Neterian Spirituality Workbook
Lesson 2-Book reading- Pages 21-22

Personal Assessment

1. How would you describe your knowledge religion & philosophy?
My knowledge of religion & philosophy is really limited. In the past, I wasn’t following a particular religion because I wasn’t receiving anything from the ones I was involved in.
2. What do you see as the greatest obstacle to your happiness & fulfillment in life?
The greatest obstacle to my happiness & fulfillment in life is being able to change to the kemetic diet & having the discipline to stick to a schedule & be consistent with my studies. I’m also finding it challenging to participate in community or public worship. Another obstacle is finding other aspirants in my area; I may have to travel a ways.
3. What do you see as the most important need that you have?
My most important need is my need to heal my body, mind & soul, Change my eating & living habits & my need for daily discipline with the Neterian practices.
4. What is your previous religious affiliation or faith and how do you think that relates to what you are following now?
My previous religious affiliation/faith was with the Unity church, before that was Jehovah Witness & Christianity.
So far, I see, in Christianity similarities of Aset & Heru. Mother Mary & baby Jesus.

In Christianity & Jehovah Witness, it’s taught from the beginning on how unrighteous a person is & how they came into this world sinful. It’s important to except Jesus Christ as your Lord & Savior to be delivered from this sin. The similarities I do see is one can’t go straight to Ra, one must go through the god & goddess. In Christianity & JW, it teaches one can’t go to the father except through the son-Jesus.
5. What role do you feel religion or spirituality plays in your life?
I feel religion/spirituality play a very important role due to the many painful experiences that I keep encountering. Constantly being reminded of what I should be doing while I’m living on this earth time & space.
6. Have you had any previous Yoga instructions? If so where and what was (is) your experience?
No, I haven’t had any previous yoga instructions.
7. Have your received any advanced religious instruction?
No, I haven’t received any advanced religious instructions. I
haven’t found a religion to advance in until now.
8. How do you see your life?
As I’ve stated previously, I see my life as having some painful, unpleasant experiences along the way. Life experiences & health issues as a reminder on how I should be living my life. Previously seeking answers, peace or happiness in the world through people, things, etc. Now I know this isn’t the way. I see this as clear as day.
9. What do you think of your own potential to succeed in life?
I have the potential to succeed in life as long as I understand
What true success is & remain disciplined & focused in my spiritual studies.
10. If you could what would you like to do with your life?
I would like to heal myself, become enlightened, take this wisdom & help others that want the same.