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1. A book by DIOP was mentioned. Sebai Maa, stated the book was written over 30 years ago. We’re still dealing with the same issues today.
2. Society as it is, is a delusion.
3. The Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms were broken down because of a forgetfulness of ethics and morality.
4. Evil in life serves a purpose.
5. When this forgetfulness (mentioned above) sets into society, negativity is the result.
{Foundation of Kemet Culture}
6. 4 aspects: agriculture, education, social/political order, and religion
7. When Christianity came to Egypt this began the Dark Age of humanity.
8. Sebai Maa, discussed the many invasions by foreigners into Egypt and their lasting effects.
9. The Temple was the center for the 4 aspects of Kemetic Culture.
10. By closing the Temples the order of society was disrupted.
11. Having an Oral Tradition is dangerous.
12. 3 basic human needs to have a stable society: food/sustenance, shelter/home, boat/opportunity.
13. Technology was an obstacle for the Africans and their society.
14. Spiritual consciousness, the awareness of the spiritual essence of creation, is the underlying factor to Kemetic Culture.
15. Men & women were equal in Kemetic Society.
Evil in life serves a purpose. Throughout my life I have been exposed to people of many walks of life. Some of these people have had a tremendous effect on the person I am now. Many of these said people are criminals. For whatever reason, they did what they did, to become a criminal, my experiences with them were pleasant, informative, and even life changing. I’ve learned not judge. I’ve resided with the most evil, dangerous, and notorious men in this country. I’ve witnessed evil to the 3rd power. This evil awakened a fire in me. A fire to know who I am and why I am. Surrounded by evil, I was introduced to the teachings of, Sebai Maa. By a man that will never be free. Yes, evil has it’s purpose.
The bible myth speaks of Hebrew slaves. We all are aware of the slavery our ancestors endured. Did slavery exist in Ancient Kemet?
What were the punishments for law breakers in Ancient Kemet?