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Aset Veiled

A good listing of what was covered in the lesson.
It is definitely remarkable the Shetaut Neter emerged early in human history but remembering that even 20,000 years ago is recent in terms of the existence of human beings (about 150-200,000 years. So the point is that though it is the oldest known it is not the only but it is the most comprehensive ancient religion known in human history and one from which many world spiritual systems derive many aspects.
Though it is not an absolute necessity it is beneficial to go on a pilgrimage. That cannot be denied. The studies as outlined in this course can be effective but are not to be seen as a substitute for going. On th other hand, going as a tourist is not the same as going as a pilgrim on a pilgrimage with authentic followers of the teaching. Hopefully there will be books and a new web site based on the trip that will at least convey some aspects, feeling and wisdom of the trip in a way that allows you and others to share in the experience.
Repeating the lessons is actually an important aspect of the practice. This is because the way the human mind works, each review does not eradicate the ignorant aryu; that takes time and reinforcement, recalling often and studying, examining, and reexamining until those subtler impressions (aryu) are more fully resolved. That takes time but being relentless (antet begag) and not stopping (an chen) leads to success on the path.