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Aset Veiled

The Four Truths of Shetaut Neter

Dua for the summary of the lesson.
Spending more time with reading and listening is important. As you mentioned, that is part of the spiritual program and devotion is another important aspect. This can be augmented by listening to the weekly online worship sessions. Also you can consider attending the conferences and programs that occur annually so you can benefit from others who are practicing worship as well and thereby benefit from that collective devotional practice in an even more direct and intensive way that you can carry with you when you go home.

Adhering to a set schedule can be a powerful element of the spiritual practice if that is possible. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the spiritual practice is well-rounded, containing all of the important elements as discussed above, even if the time is reduced. This will promote an integral movement that, even if slow, will have a better chance of being effective.