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I understand your question and I say unequivocally that WE DO MAKE THE CHOICES of family, country, job careers, marriage, children and everything else. How? Through the aryu that we have chosen and accepted that forms the basis of our character, preferences, desires and aspirations. If this is the case and the Kemetic teaching is specific on this, then it also means we have the capacity, through our present and future aryu choices, to be the architects of our own destiny and in fact change our fate from whatever would have been produced by aryu based on ignorance to aryu based on truth (Maat). Therefore, realize that if this were not true then it means there is no hope for you to make ANY change and the fate is sealed. THAT IS NOT THE CASE since you are innately divine IF you discover that divinity and that means self-mastery and controlling your fate and not being a slave to the ignorance of your ego or being susceptible to the degradations of the egos of other people or even the very powers of nature itself!

For more details on the teaching of Aryu view the lecture series called “Essence of Shedy”

Essence of Shedy: Highlights of the Wisdom of Shedy Expanding on the presentation at the 2014 Neterian Conference by Sebai MAA

More is given on this teaching in Level 1 studies course

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