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Aset Veiled




Very interesting comments and questions.


Firstly, about your statement:

“All the ancient teachings after their roots in the Kemetic teachings.”


Though most world religions have their origins or substantial basis in Ancient Kemet I would not use the word “All” simply because there can be some tradition that developed independently. Use of words such as ALL, NEVER, etc. denote an absolutist mindset that rivals orthodox and exclusive patters that we have seen create destructive systems of philosophy and government around the world.


“Amun, RA, Ptah are 1 in the same, but Neterism is not really polytheism because all the gods and goddesses are aspects of the 1.”


Indeed: this format of religion that is used in Ancient Egypt and in Africa and India and Native American and other systems is called “Henotheism”


“Is all societies there seems to be a gulf between the spatially taught to the masses and the truth core learned by the priest and priestess. Why is this the case, dosent this create arrogance and rivalry? The argument is always the same “ they wont understand::::” why not give them all the lessons then let them ask questions for understanding? At this this way the person knows where they are going.”


The premise of your question assumes that all human beings have the same capacities and desire to learn the teachings. Would you present arithmetic, algebra, calculus and physics to a 5 year old and then let them make sense of it? Of course not! There needs to be a gradual and progressive move of entry in to higher levels as the person works through the lower levels. Otherwise there will be confusion as well as misunderstanding of the teaching perhaps even leading to downward movement. So in a righteous system of religion the restrictions are set for the protection and benefit of the learner. As for other systems that seek to retain useful information to amass power that is something else and not to be confused with the format of Shetaut Neter and the Egyptian Mystery School.


“The Windsor-Bush bloodlines and also those of the Royal Roman Vatican bloodlines all claim to be a descendants of Egyptian Ramesses II, has your research indicated that the same Egyptian bloodlines are ruling today? References? Or would you say that these people are lying in order to establish their claim of modern rule?”


From my knowledge and understanding of the history and lineage of the teaching of Shetaut Neter I would agree that these are lies to claim and coopt the legacy of Ancient Kemet. As proof of this, as we can see there is no following of the Kemetic teaching of Maat ethics or religion, by those groups, so I would say that that is nonsense and acts of charlatans and sociopaths.


“What ours place in the world with such knowledge/power. Do we now use our highly trained and enlighten minds to play they stock market, what chance would a normal person have, against an enlighten being? Or maybe other industrious activities or power plays or Do we tell people, “Hey free yourself & here is how”. Or do we go back to our 9 to 5 watching the planet destroyed, watching people drink fluorided water, watching corruption, watching murder, and the environment destroyed. How can we, once enlighten? So I guess I ask, do we use the knowledge for power as in the example of our enlightened stock investor, surely he would have an edge or do we use the knowledge to free others? Clearly the ruling bloodlines of today have shown us you can use this knowledge for power & wealth, but look where we are. “


Indeed, in your scenario you are placing an enlightened being within the paradigm of your egoistic perspective of life. What makes you assume that and enlightened being cares about the stock market at all or that it matters to them that the corrupt human society is leading the world to destruction? Going back to your earlier question about withholding information, this is an example because your question demonstrates you do not understand the nature of enlightenment and are applying parameters to it that do not apply. This is the purpose of the gradated format of instruction such as is going on right now as I write. In fact, the issue of “bloodlines” was already debunked above. In fact people must come to the teaching on their own and they cannot be told anything they do not want to hear-it is a waste of time. Now, what do enlightened beings care about and how do they show compassion? They make themselves available for those who seek them out to help them become free of the bonds of ignorance and delusion about themselves and the world. What does this mean? –This is the subject of the teachings and what a program such as this is trying to impart to those who are ready to listen and put into practice so as to develop understanding. For understanding does not occur only from being told but from reflecting and application over time. So it behooves for those who are ready for the teaching to become humble and purified personalities and find a qualified teacher so as to gain a real entry into the nature of self and the universe and grow beyond the pettiness of life and understand the degraded nature of human culture so as to be free from it and its fate.