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A. Notes
Proverb: “If one fights in the arena forgetful of the past, success will elude him who ignores what he should know”
-it is a dillusioned society/academia that claims civilization started anywhere but Kemet
-Theme: Factors of the major downfall of Kemetian Civilization
-Kingdom: Old (10K – 5K BCE)| Middle (3K > BCE) | New (1900 > BCE) | Late (1000 > BCE) -Asyrians in 700 > Persians 600 > Greeks > Romans
-Entering the middle kingdom there was a breakdown in the order of society (forgetfulness)
-Evil is a factor in life that serves the good
-You must know more than your profession about life if you want to be a real contributing member of society of life
-Cow story: people who ignore/accept the injustices, accept the amorality w/out taking action
-Marching is not taking action, it is the beginning of action as part of the agenda
-You must have ethics in society/culture/professions or it all degrades the culture/society
-If you want to make the world better but you give into the world instead of demanding different, how can you make the world better?
-Society is governed thru the temple: Agriculture, education, religion, social/political/ethical organization
-3 needs for a balanced well ordered society: 1. Food (sustenance), 2. Shelter (home), 3. Boat (opportunity)
-issues arose when other nations were more technologically advanced (not more socially, politically, or ethically advanced)
-men & women have an equal stake in the culture/society
*women were educated, rulers, co-rulers
*this has been disrupted in current culture
-polygamy was NOT accepted in Kemetian culture (the king had concubines when ruling over land and gaining territory)
-Degredation of the woman creates degredation of the family which creates degredation of society

There are three main points of the lecture that tie together to show why the Kemetian Civilization (and our current ear culture for that matter) degraded and had its downfall. The downfall is the big picture but can be broken down into the key elements discussed below.

The Temple was the heart of Kemetian civilization by which everything ran. The education system went through the temple and taught the children, starting at the age of 5 and went through the age of 20 years. Education continued with the different levels for those entering the mysteries and priesthood. The Temple trained those in agriculture to use the resources of the land and how to farm it. Religion was part of this as well. With this there was the social and political sector as well. The teachings of Ma’at are how things were governed and people lived their lives as well. Once this was shut down by the Roman empire all would falter.

Kemetian civilization was challenged when the leaders became forgetful of the three basic necessities of a prosperous civilization and those were: food, shelter, and boat. These items being stripped away can cause society to go mad and begin to seek refuge in other things that were not true to the Kemetic way of life. This is very similar to the current issues we face in society today with the collapse of the housing market and the lack of jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs to make a difference. It seems as if this exact scenario is playing out in American culture right now and without any moral ground that has ever been established as it seems things have been “rigged” from the birth of this nation.

The final link that we see being a cause of the downfall comes when we see a degredation of the woman and her status. This trickles down and we see a degredation in the family and, therefore, civilization. You see this theme in other religions where the woman is not an equal and is seen as the cause of the current conditions or sinfulness that there is in society. The woman is not seen in her true form as a Goddess and the birther of civilization. You can still see this cycle in current culture where women are seen as at a lower level than the man. Women are looked at as being here to submit to men in all facets from marriage to the objectification on television and elsewhere. All of these issues combine to create the downfall of civilization as we know it.

1. How can we make a large enough shift to redirect this downfall of civilization & Kemetian Civilization or are we too late for all as a whole?

2. American culture has it set so that those who try to invoke a serious swing of the pengillum in government are seen as extremist and not “American”. What can we do to invoke serious change when we do not agree and do not want to run from immoral behavior?

3. Shetaut Neter is “extreme” in today’s world view. How can we help others see or become more enlightened? Is this one of those things where the teacher will appear when the student is ready?


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