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Level 1-Intro to SN short part 1b.mp4-List the important themes presented:

This is my second time posting for the Lesson 1 video-Intro to SN short part 1b

[2-List the important themes presented]

1. Understanding African religion, Shetaut Neter, Neterian spirituality
2. Spiritual organization & the 2 branches: Semi Institute & The Temple of Shetaut Neter.
3 Reclaiming the Neterian African Philosophy culture, spirituality & civilization. Discussion on the sphinx. The time line of world religions & when Neterian religion was practiced.
4. Righteous teacher & a righteous student, Lord khepri-founder of the Neterian
Religion-Shetaut Neter. Meaning of Shetaut Neter/Hidden or secret divinity.
5. Discussion on Anthropomorphic & Zoomorphic Iconography
6. Discussion on the Ancient Egyptian Harper’s song-The purpose of life
7. Understanding the 3 Stages of Religion-Myth-story about the divinity, Ritual-chanting & the Mysticism-the transcendental experience. The story/myth is to be heard & then followed.
8. The story of Asar, Aset & Heru – (The story-myth is acted out in the scenes of the temple) Re-enact the myth-Process of Shemsu Neter. Temples of Aset & Heru- can see the myth acted out. Listening, Reflection & Meditation.
9. The Great Awakening/Enlightening in Neterianism Culture
10. Scriptures of Shataur Neter-/Different traditions-different entries into the philosophy of spirit Discussed the 4 Great Truths/4 Neterian Principles.
11. Concept of Egyptian Yoga/Sema Tawi
12. Practicing Shedy-devotion to the divine-leading to wisdom in the heart & the mind-knowing oneself-true of speech-purified & virtue-true understanding of life, spirit & self
13. The importance of the Kemetic Diet.
14. Books on the different discipines on the kemetic diet, mediatation & Egyptian yoga
15. Importance of practicing daily observance of Shemsu 3 times daily.

3-Explain what impressed you most in this presentation

What impressed me most was the fact the Shetaut Neter is the first recorded religion or practice of spirituality that we know of today. I’ve always wondered about the similarities in the religions, and also the 3 stages of religion. This answered my question of why people go to church & say they’re religious & Christians but the behavior doesn’t show it.

I really wish I could have made the trip to Egypt this year to see the temples & view the myths discussed in the lesson. That is truly a privilege.

Each time I view the videos & reading lessons, I learn more. I don’t mind repeating the lessons.