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Lesson 1, Level 1 Audio Assignment GS12- An Evening wSebai Maa and Dja Why in Shetaut Neter Important-Show_3576833

1-What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words
The main teachings presented are discussed as to why Shetaut Neter practice is the path to choose. This practice like anything else in life is to find fulfillment & also to achieve abiding peace & lasting happiness.
It’s also important to purify the personality to be a proper vessel for the teaching. There’re 5 personalities that duel in us to be discovered, balanced & harmonized to be a proper vessel.
The importance of working on self, purifying feelings, emotions & the physical nature. Turning towards the Kemetic diet, not abusing self. Developing quiet time & meditation. Developing a strong personality & normalizing the ego.
Seba Dja used an excellent analogy of packing 4 suitcases to go on a trip: 1) Will Power 2) Devotional 3) Emotion & 4) Intellect. This was in response to the question of moving forwards & backwards as an integrated process to purify the personality. Being able to move forward in life with all aspects of the personality purified to have a full spiritual enlightened experience.
Question presented was related to understanding the reincarnation of animals. This is also in reference to the reincarnation of humans. The karma or aryie through our actions are all the time & at the time of death. We’re judged on our aryie, it bears witness to our actions, being sent on our way to reincarnate to a higher or lower form. Raising children & educating them in these times were also discussed.

2-Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so which one(s)? I’m spending more time I notice on the reading & listening to the videos for understanding. I do have to have more discipline in the devotional aspect. I have much work to do.

3-If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice? I will make an effort to adhere to a set schedule that’ll allow time for devotion.