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Lesson 1 of 2
-Started with 9 “Ohm’s” before beginning
-4 greetings of “Hotep” for the 4 corners of the world
-Shetaut Neter = Egyptian Mysteries
-Neterian Yoga = Egyptian Yoga
-Yoga is a spritual foundation for a spiritual eveolution
-True religion has 3 stages: Myth, Rituals, Mysteries
-Aset = Wisdom (give self entirely to listening, study, meditation)
-Ma’at = Devotion (purify …)
-When not actively meditating should be in informal mediation to achieve purified heart, feelings
-Cannot learn just from books | one must qualify and be willing to be guided | must learn true virtue & interest in life
-Virtue helps you to become open to the mysteries
-Kemetic Diet is for the mid, body, & soul / there are higher or lower vibrations that your food will take you to as all is connected / you want your body to be “green”
-All of the following are leading to the “Death of an American Empire” or “The Collapse of Civilization”: Religious conflict, global warming, economic collapse, healthcare crisis, Empire-World War-Police State

The most important aspect taken from this lesson was that followers of the Shetaut Neter must understand that this is a full dedication that is constantly a part of one’s self. It is reflected on through many different ways and one must be willing make this the focal point of what you do just as a ball player focuses on their craft or a pianist does the same. My understanding is that we must constantly fight egoism and we must be willing to be guided so we do not pervert or distort what is learned.

When you are able to do put more value on the Shetaut Neter than things such as money, material items, etc. you become more enlightened and can continue down this virtuous path you are being led. The main purpose we all need to be working to attain is to know thyself and this can happen through transcendence. When we are able to transcend and open up the mysteries we are able to become divine in our own right. This happens by looking internally and not to the outer world.

The listing of the books helps us to understand that this is a journey. In the journey there may be different things that we each internalize and will start to develop a path that can be lead with books and teachings from someone such as Dr. Ashby. We all progress in our own manner and will need guidance as we begin to become more enlightened.

*How will we know if we are showing enough dedication?
*Is the dedication needed to become more enlightened obtainable in the world today?
*What is the best starting point as it seems there is a lot of places/things that can be done as we start down this path.
*I would like to read the books that come with the course but I do not have access to them. How can they be received/downloaded?
*I have already started down a vegan path and have done so for 4 months, does it make sense to start with “The Kemetic Diet” now?
*You mentioned that there are more vibrations around us due to technology. Does this make for a more difficult state in transcending/enlightenment? How does it affect us?

Lesson 2
-“Our people originated at the base of the mountain of the moon, at the origin of the Nile”
-Homosapians emerged 150K yrs ago in different areas of Africa – (the base of the mountain of the moon)
-Annualfloods in the area helped the people to plan when to lay seeds & follow a cycle
-“Lucy”: is the commonality for all human beings – it is known all human beings come from one anscestor
-“Race” is an illusion = concept imposed by cultures to control other cultures – culture is not what differentiates people, it is a bi-product
-All humans have 1 desire: Know Thyself
-to discover yourself beyond culture is to know thyself
-Sa = brother = child sun / Sat = sister = child sent
-Hor M Akhet = Heru in the Horizon = Sphinx
-Sphinx = has been proven that it is the most ancient monument in the world
-Sphinx enclosure is a temple
-Sphinx is a monument to Heru (spiritual consciousness was the premise of ancient Kemet)
-Lion body + human head = someone who has mastered lower nature & their higher nature
-Sphinx faces East: 10,500 BC the constellation of Leo showed in the horizon = reason Sphinx is facing east
-Kemetic culture goes from around the time of Christ back to 10,000 BC
-Every pharaoh in ancient Kemet wore the same particular head dress throughout = high culture happened in Africa while Europeans were still living in caves = 1st civilized culture/1st religion
-Materials used to make the pyramids have been proven to be at least 374 yrs older than mentioned in history books
-Ancient Egypt = the “flowering culture” of Africa = all roads lead to Kemet = Kemet came before all other forms of religion/culture
-Kemet stretched as far as the Middle East in its time
-Civilization = the art of being civil/living in cooperation

The main piece I took from this lecture is that Kemet was the foundation for what all other societies began to try and emulate throughout all of history. Being that it is proven to be as old as it is, all the information we have had to date is incorrect and needs to be reflected as such to give proper appreciation to what is. In doing so the breakdown that was mentioned in regards to race being an illusion gives us all a different prospective and way of living. This gives way to the opportunity that we are all the same and share a piece in being from the first civilized society known to man. This helps lay the ground work for bringing cultures back together instead of the current division that is going on currently.

Discovering this information in regards to the timeline of history can help other religions reach new levels of enlightenment & help followers gain new levels of spirituality. The idea that we all can be tied back to one anscestor (which I have read about before) has the opportunity to connect people together and understand the concept of the brother and the sister. All the information in regards to the Sphinx and how Kemet had its focus on spirituality whereas as Western culture has placed value on money, entitlement, and outward things speaks volumes to the state we are currently in.

*If we try to emulate modern culture off the premise of ancient African Civilization why are we not following a more spiritual path today?

*With all the advanced technology of the time why does it seem that it took so long for us to begin advancing to the point that things rapidly took off in the 1900’s, which was thousands of years later?

*How can we bring back civilization versus the cultures we live in today?

*How is it the illusion of race has been so successful and powerful when there far better ways of living without it and it has been proven that we are all tied together by one anscestor?