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1st Video
A. Take notes on the important themes you heard. Brief summary…
This video gave a description of the the book series. We were informed on which book to use to begin our study. We were also informed on how to utilize the books to continue our studies. We were instructed to begin with the Egyptian Yoga vol.1. I have read this book 3 times. I took many months to complete the 1st reading. This book opens the door to many questions. It also has many answers to questions that a person new to Kemetic Spirituality would have.
B. Note which one you thought was important and why.
Seba Maa, did a wonderful job of giving a brief, yet informative view of the book series. However, he cautioned that the books are only a map. We need a Spiritual Preceptor to show us the way. This is important to me. I made the mistake of thinking I would go thru the books like a comic book series. Read one and hurry to the next. I was sadly mistaken. These books contain a lot of info. They contain things that must be investigated and researched. A dictionary is required. I still use Egyptian Yoga vol.1 when writing letters or when need insight on a particular subject.
C. Note any questions you may have.
How long did you research in preparation to write your 1st book?

2nd Video
A. Take notes on the important themes you heard.
1. 3 things needed to have a true religion; myth, ritual, and mysticism
2. 3 aspects that allow society to function; civilization, religion, philosophy
3. All humans alive today genetically came from one ancestor
4. There is no race. Race was imposed by one culture to control others
5. Culture is to give a window to reality
6. Human beings have one desire; to know Self
7. 3 cultures; Western, Eastern, and Southern
8. The Spinx symbolizes mastery over the lower nature and intellect
9. Ancient Egypt is the flowering of African Civilization
B. Note which one you thought was important and why.
Ancient Egypt is the flowering of African Civ. is important to me. For many years our forefathers from Egypt have been denied. They have been called negative and degrading things. They were even called dark-skinned caucasians. It was said that Egypt wasn’t a part of Africa. So many negative things. However, we were blessed to have researchers like Ivan van Sertima, Dr. Ben, etc., to bring the truth about our Motherland. We were also blessed to have Preceptors like, Seba Maa and Sba Dja, to open our hearts and minds to the spiritual understanding the Ancient Egyptians had. The Mysteries have been revealed. All we must do is listen and obey.
C. Note any questions you may have.
1. We know the Ancient Egyptians originated farther south into Africa. Do you feel these teachings came from one source or were they a mixture of thoughts from different parts?
2. Who decided what glyphs were inscribed in the temples and tombs?