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Class 11
All the ancient teachings after their roots in the Kemetic teachings. The Rosicrucian’s and several others who try to follow the Kemetic path but it has a lot of western imperialist culture built into it. The Kemetic Teachings worship certain aspects of the divine but in worshipping the aspect of the divine one worships the god head as well.

Amun, RA, Ptah are 1 in the same, but Neterism is not really polytheism because all the gods and goddesses are aspects of the 1.
Tehutti gave the teachings to Hathor, Heru then gave the teachings to the priest and priestess
Shemsu Neter are the followers of the Neterian Path. Act like the divine, act, talk, breath like the divine. Worshiping aspects of the divine lead us to the primordial being.
There are 3 stages of Religion
1. Myth
2. Ritual
3. Mysticism
Without Mysticism you have dogma
How to unite the lower self with the higher self is the key question, which is the goal. The battle of the higher and lower self is always going in the person every day. Set & Heru is in each person.
3 worships daily
Times- Dawn-Noon- Dusk
• Bath
• Light Candle
• Light Incense
• Recite 4 great Truths
• Chant Daily Hekau
• Study of Scripture
• Meditation
MAAT: is a cosmic force related to ethical living and Truth.
4 basic Disciplines of Seti
1. Listening
2. Reflecting is
3. Meditating
4. Practice
All modern religions have their root with the remnants & artifacts verify this
Successful meditation is when your more balanced and you can control your will power. Transcending your awareness as physical being. Regardless your still connected to you lower body. You must prepare yourself for the realms of the duet astral realms or you will be scared.

B. The most important lesson I received from this lesson was that I must achieve balance , I had a forceful awakening as you described ,( out of body, going to the stars and planets, seeing the light, going through the gates) I guess the soul the was tired of Sometimes I can’t get back into the body for a couple seconds this is scary, but Dr. Dja Ashby cleared some things up. Thanks. But I can use these practices to achieve balance. Therefore I’m very grateful that I found you.

C: Questions?
What are the 4 great truths?

Is all societies there seems to be a gulf between the spatially taught to the masses and the truth core learned by the priest and priestess. Why is this the case, dosent this create arrogance and rivalry? The argument is always the same “ they wont understand::::” why not give them all the lessons then let them ask questions for understanding? At this this way the person knows where they are going. Masons have their degrees and others systems do the same, I think this creates egoistic power structure, which is the root of our problem in thru world today. Where the leaders of today seems to have the inner priest hood knowledge and those outsiders are left in ignorance or trying in most cases paying to move up in degrees..? This relates to my next question.

The Windsor-Bush bloodlines and also those of the Royal Roman Vatican bloodlines all claim to be a descendants of Egyptian Ramesses II, has your research indicated that the same Egyptian bloodlines are ruling today? References? Or would you say that these people are lying in order to establish their claim of modern rule? My real questions is more of an observation when we look at the last 4000 years it’s seem as though these bloodlines of the royal priest class now presidents, royalty and popes all keep secrete ancient knowledge/power of the Kemite’s. They seem to keep this power in order to either keep the commoner from the knowledge or enslave them or to use it as power play to keep more industrious men seeking more power moving up in degrees, paying more money. But the ruling bloodlines that may have ancient Egyptian blood, have used the knowledge for destruction of the planet and its people. Therefore I question how enlighten these rulers are and even if they have the knowledge of the original Kemetic teachers of the golden age, or do they have the knowledge of a later more degraded period? This leads me to my next question…

What ours place in the world with such knowledge/power. Do we now use our highly trained and enlighten minds to play they stock market, what chance would a normal person have, against an enlighten being? Or maybe other industrious activities or power plays or Do we tell people, “Hey free yourself & here is how”. Or do we go back to our 9 to 5 watching the planet destroyed, watching people drink fluorided water, watching corruption, watching murder, and the environment destroyed. How can we, once enlighten? So I guess I ask, do we use the knowledge for power as in the example of our enlightened stock investor, surely he would have an edge or do we use the knowledge to free others? Clearly the ruling bloodlines of today have shown us you can use this knowledge for power & wealth, but look where we are.