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Lesson 10

To have balance in a religion you need all 3: 1. Myth 2. Mystical 3. Ritual
There are 4 essential exercises to be releases from the feters. Emotions are Enlighten by devotional Love, reason by the wisdom teachers. Actions by righteousness virtue and The Will by Meditation

There are 7 scared Text
Mythical Scriptures
1. Shetaut Asar Aset Heru
2. Shetaut Atum-RA
3. Shetaut Ptah
4. Shetaut Net Aset/ Hetheru
Mystical Text
1. Pyramid Text
2. Coffin Text
3. Papyrus Text
Wisdom Text Literature
1. Wisdom Text
2. Maat Declaration

There are Several Meditations, one should choose one that best resonates with them
1. The Mediation of Subtle life
2. The Mediation of Righteous Actions
3. The Mediation of Iam
4. The Mediation of The Glorious Light
5. The Mediation of Wisdom Teaching
6. The Mediation of Tree of life

Maat is Truth Righteousness and Virtue
Keys to any spiritual Practice is Patience , perseverance and Self Effort
Tenem: is losing the way, wondering, lost or contracting
Nahast is the ultimate objective

B: What was most important thing to me was learning about the richness of text available from over 3000 years ago. This will hopefully help me see some universal truths throughout the ages

C: Question
1.Are your books interpretations of the 7 ancient text rewritten to serve the modern audience?

2. Where can we get translations of the original Text, what versions do you recommend? I notice that Faulkner seems to be the authority but given his Masonic and Imperial European roots can we trust his interpretation?

3. I notice there have been several recent discoveries in Gobekli Tepe, The underwater Egyptian city of Heracleion, the underswater Egyptian city in Bay of Cambay, India. Will you be translating these new Egyptian discoveries and writing new books?