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Level 1, Lesson 20, Course Textbook and Reading Progress Test

1. 1-5 Questions: Reading Progress Test
From Ancient Africa…From the Medu Neter Itself
Heru Mask

2. Remarkable
I actually found Question 1 remarkable. The discussion on the need for humanistic traditions within the context of spirituality, and other fields of study, in order to promote truth and universality. I find this a very important point which is emphasized by the sentence that ‘most people follow traditions and philosophies which are leading to ignorance darkness and strife” because they lack a humanistic tradition which acknowledges truth as it’s discovered, and promotes universal realization within the context of that truth. This is particularly true in the world in relation to strife and wars over religion, race, class, and ignorant-degenerate systems of government and economy which promotes those things which do not lead to happiness and peace but instead consumerism, ignorance, suffering. In all these situations there is a lack of humanistic tradition which acknowledges information and human needs that are not based on one’s own selfish-interest and paradigm.