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From the Teaching of the Tempe of Aset


Some good reflections and good summary.


In terms of the idea of provisioning, this concept appears as well in the PERTEMHERU in different wording but similar meaning. For example in Chap 18 Verse 10 the ideal is being “equipped” which is the same idea of being “well provisioned” for the spiritual journey. It is important to provision oneself so as to have the spiritual strength and courage to achieve the higher goals of the teaching. Otherwise, fears of what is out there or what is in here will thwart the spiritual movement. Thinking that god is so great as to be unattainable or an entity that will cause harm is due to ignorance and also spiritual weakness. Being afraid that one may discover immense power within and or identity other than the ego can be frightening prospect…that is unless one is mature and initiated into the wisdom and has gained provisioning with teachings and understanding.


Some aspirants are not really ready, not provisioned properly, to pursue the spiritual journey and so pursue it to a certain extent and then stop or become stagnant on the path or turn away out os feat of something they experienced during meditation or their ego was bruised at something the teacher said or due some other excuse which is really an explanation of the lack of proper provisioning, which needs to be pursued with quality teaching and quality shedy practice to allow hat teaching to be properly inculcated, understood and applied without fears.


So there must be provisioning with the food that is enduring as enlightening both to the body and the soul.


From The Steale of DJehuti-Nefer:

“Consume pure foods and pure thoughts with pure hands, adore celestial beings, become associated with wise ones: sages, saints and prophets; make offerings to GOD.”

–Ancient Egyptian Proverbs

“Twain are the forms of food-for soul and body, of which all animals consist… Some are nourished with the twofold form, while others with a single… Their soul is nourished by the ever-restless motion of the Cosmos; their bodies have their growth from foods drawn up from the water and the earth of the inferior world.”

“The wise person feeds the KA with what endures, so that it is happy with that person on earth. The wise is known by his or her wisdom. The great are known by their wisdom.”

–Ancient Egyptian Proverbs