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Something very profound has been said here.

““Why would She do such a cruel thing to Ra?” Now, with the benefit of the teachings as presented by Sebai Maa, I see that the true cruelty is the illusion of Ra that keeps us in ignorance of our true selves. Aset’s “poisoning” of Ra (worldly illusion) is actually an act of true spiritual liberation in the highest sense…

Definitely, this is an important feature and difference between the ignorant masses and the nature of the avid aspirant and by that I mean one who takes the power of aspiration and goes after god relentlessly and here I mean “go after as in” relentless pursuit as if you are trying to catch someone who can run fast and evade you unless you give it all you’ve got. So as in sports or as in crime to catch the other and that other in this case is the elusive Ra and catching him and “sweating” him is just “payback”  for all those thousands and millions of suffering incarnations we had in the past!
Of course, we are to also eventually realize that that Ra that illusory manifestation of projected consciousness, that is our very selves, our own consciousness that has allowed an illusion to ensue. Then the highest real culprit to all of this cannot escape as long as there is purity, will, ethical consciousness and dispassion to root out every scintilla of illusory self-identification (when Ra allows himself to be searched) that is when the personality stops deluding itself and allows itself to see its true Self! And this is what the teaching of the Temple of Aset is all about! To go after Ra is for the mythic and ritual levels and to go after me and the “I” that “I” , the “who” that “I” think “I” am, that is the true metaphysics of the mystery school and the difference between the masses and the initiates.
Very good