Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 7 Discussion Forum


I wanted to comment on several of your statements all together:
“the basic formula one needs to “turn on” the serpent power”
“Of course, one arrives at khak ab, antet begag and an chen through listening, reflection and meditation on the teachings, avoiding indulgence in worldly desires.”
“This reveals that Ra is not the Source of Creation but, rather, emanates from the Source.”

Indeed even with all these revelations by Ra, still it took lots of Khak-ab, antet begag and an chen to get his admission. But even with that, the revelations are not effective without a special component implied in khak-ab which is contained in the initiatic instructions of the temple of Aset: seeking refuge and surrender to her grace as well as giving up all desires and thought processes except for the pursuit of the Supreme Being.
So this khak-ab includes surrender or giving up the ego and latching on to the goddess and her teaching which means humbling and effacing the ego, repudiating it in favor of pursuit of the nature of the Supreme above all else while accepting the safe harbor of the goddess until the attainment is reached.
In its highest form it would mean relinquishing ego and adopting the persona of the goddess as one’s own until the Supreme Name has been discovered. Of course this is a large task, requiring above average (above normal) aspirational capacity, of redirecting identification with the lower self and accepting a higher image and character of personality as part of the emulative capacity of spiritual practice according to the level of maturity, intensity and purity of the aspirant.
A final point is that without this surrendering to the goddess and relinquishment of the lower self, all the revelations will have only limited effect; therefore, the spiritual capacity, which amounts to maturity as an aspirant, is critical to success on the spiritual path.