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Notes Summarized on Lesson 1
Main Theme

Take notes of important themes heard:

Video 1 was the presentation regarding the book series. Books
that may have been bought & not read, just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. This really applied to me, seemed so confusing at first but this presentation made it a lot clearer. Some of the books included new releases, such as, Maat philosophy, De-stressing 101, Egyptian Yoga & The Kemetic Diet.
Step 1-Books to read first: Egyptian Yoga & Egyptian Mysteries Vol. 1 (I’m reading this book now) Then of course, there’s the African Origin 3 volume set series.
Step 2- (The Nuts & Bolts for getting started).
How to start Shedy? Disciplines of Kamitian Spirituality-Egyptian yoga
& The Kemetic diet. I also learned about Shedy being the spiritual discipline to follow in order to enlighten the personality & cleanse the heart.

There are 3 stages to religion: myth, ritual & mysticism. I do have 1 question in reference to this. I believe Seba Dja discussed the aspects of the personality- ethical conscious, the will aspect, feelings, emotion & I would like to know what that last one was. I couldn’t quite hear the audio @ this segment.

The Shedy Disciplines- Wisdom, devotion, maat, meditation teaching. Giving up life to the study & meditation. I know, I need more discipline in this area. Then there’s the formal & Informal-spiritual practices. Formal- meditation, chanting words of power, purifies feelings. I need clarification on the 2 to be clear.

Kemetic Diet-Need to cleanse self, having a lower vibration. I also realize this is something else I have to work on. Not sure where to start. This has led me to a few illnesses. (I sometimes wish I came across this information at an earlier age. I feel I could have been a lot wiser & healthier than where I am now.) Why now @ this time in my life?

Then there was the discussion of Set being the opposite of Aset-(tree of Life) Wisdom is the antidote for egoism-(heru will grow). Set- Aruru-(sp) pulls to yourself. Not sure if I have the spelling correct.
Thought processes lead you to positive/negative things. This to me explains why, among other reasons, it’s important for me to obtain discipline in practicing Shedy.

Video 2-Intro to Ancient African Civilization:
“Our people originated at the base of the mountain of the moon
at the origin of the Nile”

Akur-(sp) two lines of divinities of creation-air/water-representing mountains. This showing a culture of thought & philosophy. Compared to the fraternity symbols of 2 women facing each other, showing an idea of sex, pleasure, woman as objects-worldly enjoyment. Culture of egoism, enjoyment, excess.

Have to be critical of symbols in the world. Induced anger, etc. Indulging in coco cola that dulls the senses & the mind.

I have developed and adopted this destructive culture of ignorance for quite some time. I’m trying so hard every day to break away.

I have even chosen a mate, which seems to love this way of living. I notice, when I want to discuss & share what I’ve learned, it’s totally ignored. I sometimes feel if I want to grow in my spirituality I have to break away from this ignorance. Of course, being married 11 years now, I’m coming into this knowledge. I digress.

3 million years ago, “Lucy” bones was discovered to be a common ancestor for all. This ancestor lived in the Great Lake region of Africa, left from there spreading to the rest of the world. Therefore, race is
an illusion to control society. Purpose of culture is to give a window on reality, ex. given eyeglasses to look at society. Differentiating people is the by product from this. I would like to get away from the western
culture practices & way of thinking. Is even this feasible?

Perennial philosophy-Something that under lies all cultures, all myths. All human beings have the need to know self. Religious ancient myths is dedicated to knowing this.

How can we discern when there’s a commonality of the origin?
So we may understand why it’s important to know the ancient Egyptians.

Seems like we are born into a manufactured reality, so we can have
entry to the world. This is to be able to relate to the world.

Transcending culture is knowing your higher self, beyond culture. Not fearing each other. The higher reality, based on science of genetics, anthropology, archeology, etc.

My thought process on this is: Even though we are born unto this world & were placed in certain circumstances, families, etc. We weren’t given a choice in these matters & depending on upbringing & life choices, I find it interesting in how some people are chosen to seek & walk spiritual paths, such as Shetaut Neter & others choose to just go through life day by day with other purposes & agendas. Does this apply to many are called but few are chosen? The Christians say this as well.

The Sphinx– Hermaket-(heru-ma-khet)-Heru in the horizon, It’s the most ancient known provable monument in the world. It’s a monument to religion, to spiritual consciousness-African culture is built on philosophy Spiritual awareness/consciousness. The head of the sphinx and the beard is in the British Museum. The sphinx has the headdress of a lion that has braided hair & a mane. This shows someone who has mastered their lower nature & their higher nature-their intellect. This would be the head of the serpent.

The Sphinx point towards the east of the horizon, has shown the exact spot where the sphinx is pointing to east of the horizon. This is where in 10,500 B.C.E., the vernal equinox, the constellation called Leo emerged directly in the horizon. This along with the geological evidence points to the same day. 10,500 B.C, This was a celebration of
what is known as the-new great year. The great year has 12 great months, all about 600 years each. Each one has a different aspect of the zodiac, leo, scorpion, water bearer, taurus etc. This is the origin.

I would love to know more. I was once informed the horoscope as we know is incorrect.

The head dresses of all the pharaohs & end of the ancient kemetian culture. Serpent on the headdress symbolizes the spiritual consciousness has elevated to the level of the mind.

This evidence shows us that ancient kemetic culture, tradition of the
headdress, meaning a worship in the form of spirit of heru of Ra,
the son, goes all the way back from 30 B.C. (just before Christianity emerged) going back 10,000 years before that. Before the time when the new testament was created. 10,000 years before that already kemet had high culture, religion, spirituality & philosophy.10,000 BC the people In Europe were still living in caves. In 10,000 BC there was no other high culture or civilization anywhere in the world that’s known of. Either in Asia, Europe, the America’s or any other place in Africa.

This is where the modern philosophies cultures have drawn from-to try to develop their civilization.

Civilization is an expression of a culture that has been official, righteous, that cares for humanity. Just because they have drawn from Ancient Egypt doesn’t mean they have created ancient Egypt or re-instituted ancient Egypt culture. There are a lot of correlations, doesn’t mean it was done right. Pyramids are 374 years older that what books say in history books.

Kemetic is the oldest civilization in history. Quote: (I didn’t quite get the name of the book/author)?? Please give source, Reads: “The History of black Africa will remain suspended in air & cannot be written correctly. Until African Historians there get connected with the history of Egypt in particular the study of language, institutions & so forth cannot be treated properly. In a world where it would be impossible to build African humanities, sciences long as the relationship does not appear legitimate-Chapter 1.

We must have an understanding of who the ancient Egyptians were to
Understand of who Africans were. They are the flowering.

Lower road of the pyramid was created at a later ancient date. Time line shown. All roads lead back to kemet. It shows us where we are in a culturally genetic sense, our roots.

When Egypt is shown across the movie screens & on TV, They show
Elizabeth Taylor. No real pictures of ancient Egyptians look like. We
Won’t even mention the movie The Mummy or the recent movie
The Gods of Egypt.

Greek classical writers wrote what ancient Egyptians really looked like.

Once I learned this, I really began to understand how they really don’t want us to know. I didn’t give it a moment’s thought years ago but whenever I get the chance now, I will definitely mention this to my friends & family.

I enjoyed listening to both videos & I can’t wait to do the quiz & move on. Dua