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List the important points covered in this lecture.

In this video lecture, which corresponds to verses 35 -53, it is revealed verse by verse Ra’s true nature as He Himself confesses to the limits of his power. The opening verse reads:

“Her chetchet atu-f neb astyty metut” (Ra’s face chatters, all of His limbs tremble due to the poison inflicted by the taffy shepsy). (Verse 35)

Although it seems extreme, this is an important point in the myth because, as explained by Sebai Maa, “Ra must be poisoned so that He cannot sustain Creation.” What this means metaphorically is that it takes something powerfully penetrating to pierce through the illusion of Creation to reveal the subtler reality. That “something” is what, in the Myth of Ra and Aset, is referred to as taffy shepsy.

As has been established, the taffy shepsy is no ordinary snake, but a combination of earth and spirit fashioned by Aset. “Aset turned on the serpent power in Her personality,” so quotes Sebai Maa, with khak ab (repudiating heart), antet begag (relentless pursuit) and an chen (persisting—not stopping). Therefore, this too is an important point in the lecture because it gives the basic formula one needs to “turn on” the serpent power that will poison Ra—the illusion of Creation—in order to get at the true source.

Of course, one arrives at khak ab, antet begag and an chen through listening, reflection and meditation on the teachings, avoiding indulgence in worldly desires. This makes the important point, brought up in the lecture, that one must “go deeper” beyond oblivious human existence. Deep enough to “peer into the nature of Ra,” as stated in the lecture. This kind of penetration of Ra is “tjetet n-f” (overwhelming to Him). (Verse 36)

To accomplish such penetration, one must have concentration that is one pointed and focused. An important point expressed by Sebai Maa was “if you concentrate on the nature of Ra, Ra will be pierced.” Basically the nature of Ra is revealed in verses 45 – 53 of the scriptures. In verse 45 Ra states He is “a prince, of noble birth, the son of a noble.” This reveals that Ra is not the Source of Creation but, rather, emanates from the Source.

Continuing to verse 46 Ra says, “mu Kheperu m Neter,” translated to mean “outflow created through Divinity.” Particularly highlighted by Sebai Maa in verse 47 is “maut n atef ren,” meaning “The essence of my father is my name.” These are all key “confessions” by Ra into His true nature for the avid aspirant to pursue relentlessly. These important revelations are “gifted” to the sincere intiate who would use the wisdom contained in the scripture conscientiously, purposefully, and respectfully to achieve the most important point of this lecture, “hekau-a n hekay er-a,” translated in the words of Sebai Maa to mean “of my secret words (of power) that control all Creation and become a personality who can use those words effectively and thereby also be able to use them even over me too.” (Verse 53, my parenthesis)

This, of course, is no simple achievement nor is it for the faint of heart but, rather, the pure of heart. However, it is the only worthwhile endeavor in life that one can hope to achieve with the understanding that we are all “mu Kheperu m Neter.”

Shems Heryt