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Bastu Akhu

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I found the interaction between Shems Baket (#6737) Sebai Maa ( #6827,6760 & 6841) and Shems Heryt (#6812, 6792) to be very insightful. I found this so because of the underlying theme that creation is not the problem, but rather our limited perception of it based on ignorance is. Dua Sebai Maa for taking the analogy of the “wall with the stop sign” so neferly proposed by Shems Baket and expanding it into deeper ways to perceive the illusory reality of time and space. I agree with Shems Heryt, hearing that we can penetrate only one aspect of the illusion (as small as an atom) to discover higher reality is indeed liberating. Sebai’s statement in post #6841 reiterated this “…any atom in time and space will do, since all are manifestations of the same being that is their substratum and all are windows into the nature of Self if passed through; this is the veil of Creation.” This was powerful in what I believe provided insight into both the illusory reality and the oneness of creation at the same time. I gathered that in general, the atoms represent the manifestations of Ra, though they take different forms and names,as mentioned in the scripture, they are all one emerging from the ocean of Nun, undifferentiated consciousness.
I also gathered that its forgetting the essence behind Ra, all atoms, objects, people, time, space etc. that causes us not to see reality beyond time and space. The notion that time and space is absolute reality creates the veil and hence the real limitation. Us thinking there is separation of form, function and essence, what’s moving, how it’s moved and why or who or what is doing the moving needs to be ‘let go’. The thought of penetrating a single atom of the illusion and the implications that this can cause one to have even a glimpse into another reality (Sechit Yaru or Elysian fields) beyond time and space rings true for me, the process of destroying the illusion includes experiencing a higher reality which Sebai further add that Goddess Aset is the very nature of , the Self.
So, the process of building the “taffy shepsy” ( khak -ab, antet begag, shedy disciplines) is the weapon (harpoon)needed to pierce this veil of ignorance because this process transform the very ab where ignorance manifests from. So as Sebai said, though the disciplines are not the goal, they are a means to an end in discovering the essence of Ra, The Self, abiding reality – enlightenment. More over the disciplines creates space in the mind and heart to experience higher realities.
Shems Akhu