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Bastu Baket

TTOA Lesson 8 Video/Webinar Assignment

1. List the important points covered in this lecture:

Sebai Maa started the lesson with a review of where we had been so far and some key points. Firstly that this teaching is about a special dual divinity and we are to discover the nature of this dual divinity. He spoke about the two aspects of Life Force in terms of Breath of Life which enlivens a body and allows it to be conscious; and Fire of Life which is more dynamic, grosser allows you to do work so that the conscious body may move, walk, run etc. Another main key was expressed that Aset came in the form of a woman not a Goddess, so she is just like us. Three main teachings Aset brings to this philosophy are: Khak-ab (dispassion/detachment); Antet Begag (relentless pursuit) and An Chen (not stopping/not alighting/not resting). Being one pointed in this process and allowing our personality to transform with purity, devotion, wisdom and truth. Two hints Sebai Maa shared from these teachings is one being this dual divinity is a prince a reflection of something else and that the Name (true essence) is hidden within Ra (all creation).

In the new verses 54-58 we continue to hear Ra’s delirious speech of how he was stealthily strolling through his creation and something got him even though he was hidden. He describes how the poison feels in his body and heart, very strange not like fire, not like water, shaking uncontrollably and he doesn’t know what stung or bit him.

In Verse 59 – “mesu hesyu” – “children vibrating” Sebai explained “hesyu” and broke it down as “hesy” meaning singing and nafu- wind. Explaining further that this “hesyu” at the right pitch of voice/vibration can shatter creation, just as the illustration of an opera singer shattering a glass must be at the right pitch and vibration to shatter it. This does not mean a certain note of singing voice will shatter the illusion of creation but the alignment of transforming one’s personality with ethical conscience, righteous living, purity of the unconscious mind will vibrate in a higher sense and is capable of shattering the illusion of creation.

In Verse 60-61 – Ra is calling his Gods and Goddesses, his creations, those who are “saard” – “well intended” meaning they have good will towards him with intentions he wants, to come to him with healing words of power.

Verses -62-65 is the arrival of the Gods and Goddesses who are crying at the sight of Ra but are unable to restore his health. Also enters Aset who is not crying but provisioned with words of power and “nafu n ankh” the “breath of life”.

Verse 66-70 She shows her concern by asking “what is it?” Knowing full well what it was then diagnosis him with “it was a snake a creature of your own creation that reared up its head in defiance of you. But I have the curing words of power and the poison will march away like a defeated army and gone from the sight of your rays.” We are left in a cliff hanger here as Ra opened his mouth and was about to speak.


So for me these verses give us clear insights that Aset’s taffy shepsy, her transformed personality, reared up in defiance and has pierced the illusory reflection of Ra in time and space. As Sebai Maa stated, “this defiance is the hallmark of an avid, advancing aspirant.” So it is us that has to transform and be defiant and pierce the illusions of the creation. But also alluded to in these final verses of this lesson, we see she is also provisioned with her healing words of power vibrating at the right frequency, with one pointedness. These are also qualities we must possess to discover the nature of this dual divinity for ourselves.