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Bastu Baket

Which Hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

Captivating to me is the hieroglyphic term “ua” in Verse 67: “den menu pa im k ua mes k fa”
Contextually translated by Sebai Maa as “that bit you and caused this illness to happen to you. It was done by one of your creatures, a creature of your own creation that reared up. This term is very important and found in many texts but in this verse it acknowledges the correlation of oneness in the roles being presented here of Aset and Ra and all creation. Aset was well of what happened to Ra, as she was the cause of the penetration (bite) and resulting poison.

She also knows and is confident she can be the cure with her “nafu n ankh” – “breath of life” another important hieroglyph term from Verse 64. Just as a doctor “knows” she can set a broken bone because she has studied, learned, practiced and became proficient in healing, so too Aset “knows” how to cure Ra. But he has to acknowledge that, accept that she can do this. The question is, is he ready yet? Has he suffered enough yet, to allow the cure? This is a question for all of us to answer in our own lives and times.

Shems Baket