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Behudet Maat

<Introduction to kemetic history, philosophy and spirituality.

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard.

Before Songai empire, before Timbuktu, before Mali empire, before Ghana, before Islam, before Judaism and Christianity, before Greek civilization there was ancient kemet. Kemet is the most ancient civilization in documented history.
“From Ethiopia, he (Osiris) passed through Arabia, bordering upon the Red Sea to as far as India, and the remotest inhabited coasts; he built likewise many cities in India, one of which he called Nysa, willing to have remembrance of that (Nysa) in Egypt where he was brought up.  At this Nysa in India he planted Ivy, which continues to grow there, but nowhere else in India or around it.  He left likewise many other marks of his being in those parts, by which the latter inhabitants are induced, and do affirm, that this God was born in India.  He likewise addicted himself to the hunting of elephants, and took care to have statues of himself in every place, as lasting monuments of his expedition.”  –

Recorded by Diodorus (Greek historian 100 B.C.)
There are correlations between Cush and Kemet. One of which is the meaning the names of those 2 lands. Kamit means black and Cush (Cash) also means black. Cash is the black land of the south and Kamit is the black land of the North. So there were two black lands and of course the black people come from the black man that is ancient Kamiyu.

Neterianism is a modern term for shetaut neter. Shetaut Neter is the ancient name for the religion which we refer to as Neterianism. Shetaut Neter was already in existence as of 10,000 B.C. The difference between this most ancient date of ancient Egypt and that of other more recent but ancient dates for other religious and spiritual systems is that at the time of 10,000 B.C. Shetaut Neter was already a fully developed system including iconography, architecture, philosophy Etc. Many times archaeologist will come and say they found paintings in caves of what looks like a goddess that they date back 50,000 years old or 40,000 years or 30,000 years old etc. And this is considered religion which it is not it’s just something that was practiced in some way shape or form.
The sphinx is proof of kamit having the oldest spiritual system in history due to the geological dating done on the Sphinx
Which is not the only evidence but it’s
one of the most compelling. Brain damage that is found at the Sphinx took place between 7 to 8000 years ago. Ancient tradition tells us that Ra the Land about 36000 BC and there are series of other rulers coming down to Asar and then to the Pharaohs that we know of within the popular dynastic period. It is not common knowledge that they pushed back the dating of the pyramids do to finding the of organic compounds that were used like the use of cement today that was in between the the blocks that were used in constructing the pyramids. This takes the dating back further than the 3000 year range to 3500 and if you add that the pyramids of saqqara are said to be older than the Giza Pyramids that takes it into the 4000 year range. In the late 1800’s -early 1900’s Egyptologist were saying that the pyramids were much older then what is stated today. Later in the 19th century egyptologist like Wallis budge came along and brought the numbers down to theills kingdom only being in the 2900 range when it should be in a 3500 to 4000 range. So this means the history books that are out there should be changed in The Mis-Education taught in schools needs to be rectified.

“Truth is but one; thy doubts are of thine own raising. It that made virtues what they are, planted also in thee a knowledge of their pre-eminence. Act as Soul dictates to thee, and the end shall be always right.”

Maat is the foundation to the teaching of shetaut neter.

What is so different about kemetic religion and why is it more effective than ordinary religion? There are three stages of religion the first stage of the myth(malnu): Legend, story, myth the second stage is ritual (aru) ritual, ceremony and the third stage is mystical, the myth is given through sdjedt: story telling speak proverbs speak tales in thy myth stage the Shemsu, followers of a religion learn about its stories, this story is not necessarily historical although it may have historical elements. And shetaut neter has all three of these elements that are necessary for an effective religion although it’s not the only religion that has all three elements. Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, and Orthodox Islam only have the myth and ritual they are missing the mystical element which is necessary for one to become one with the divine who we call God.

Usually when you grow up into a religion the first thing you learn about that religion is the myth before any rituals if you are adopting the religion then you learn the myth then start performing the rituals and as you do that you start receiving philosophy after the myth and the deeper implications of the myth and as you practice the and as you practice the philosophy along with the myth. The ritual reinforces your experience, the ritual allows the philosophy to become effective in your life. Because it is you who has come to the world, who has been killed, who has been resurrected and redeemed by your own son Heru who is your spiritual aspiration. The story telling (sdjedt) imparts the morals and teachings called sabait or philosophy. If you do all these things then you become a shemsu (follower) of shetaut neter.
The difference between ego and what: who is the essence of personality and what is the manifestation of that personality. so people from India might consider themselves Indian but they are spirit, people from Africa make consider the themselves African but they are spirit.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why?:
The pursuit of happiness was one of the main concerns to the ancient kemites it wasn’t just about death and building tombs just for the sake of the building tombs it was that they understood that Death is the ultimate end to your activities on earth, so what does that say about your worldly activities on earth if all your going to do is end up dead anyway? Most people don’t like to think about that, if you go to a party and speak to your friends about death will see you at the party changes because most people don’t like to talk about death and yet this is one of the most important things because if you don’t have a conscience about death how are you going to live your life? Your life is going to be based on an illusion and then at the time of death you’re going to be surprised most people thank you get Happiness by having a spouse, by having children, buying a house, having a car, a good job etc., but what happens is you might get a divorce, lose a child, your house gets foreclosed, wreck your car or lose your job. An ancient Egyptian Proverbs says “searching for oneself in the world is the pursuit of an illusion” because you’re not going to find happiness in any one of these things. How do you find abiding happiness not dependent on these things that are going to disappoint you? “Grief is natural to the mortal world, and is always about you; pleasure is a guest, and visiteth by thy invitation; use well thy mind, and sorrow shall be passed behind you; be prudent, and the visits of joy shall remain long with you.” The key to finding abiding happiness is in your mind by having your mind directed correctly about the world your mind is the. Cause of your grief your sorrow and your happiness. This is important to me because I’ve experienced the pain of disappointment constantly seeking happiness in external stimulus from family, friends women and objects for sense pleasure. I know this is true however I still fall prey to the illusions more often then I’m comfortable with although it’s not as much as it was before due to the practice of the Shedy disciplines.

C-Note any questions you may have?

1. I’ve been doing research on the Tjef Neteru postures and the energy centers they stimulate for example the ua khepre pose stimulates the seventh energy center, the Geb plough pose stimulate the 5th energy center, the sobek pose stimulates the 1st energy center and so on. My question is are the Neteru of these poses presiding over energy centers one is stimulating in these positions and should one meditate on the energy center, neter or both?

2. What is the best way for a Neterian to discipline ones children? It is said spare the rod spoil the child, however, it has also been explained that “black”people tend to go overboard with the chastisement. So some guidance on this issue would be misty beneficial.

3. In doing the breathing for the GLM it is mentioned to visualize the light traveling up the spine through each energy center while chanting the Hekau, in the description on how this is done I didn’t fully comprehend which portions of the Hekau are at each energy center, can you break it down word for energy center for me for visualization purposes if possible?