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What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate Lady Aset in Her path?

“Whenever the heart and or mind feels or intellectually sees the flaws of the world they are pursued relentlessly by the avid aspirant to their source and used for the destruction of the illusion of Creation.”

The previous quote written by Sebai Maa in his posting #6946 sheds light on an important aspect that impacts the progress to success in building one’s taffy shepsy. It eludes to the alignment of the heart (ab) with the mind or intellect (rech) in order to achieve the metaphysical.

This “heart intelligence” (rech ab), or lack thereof, holds the key to success or failure for the aspirant in their spiritual growth. Therefore, if one’s heart and mind are in conflict with one another one cannot move forward spiritually, leading to a spiritual rut. However, when working in unison the heart and mind will lead to the source. Thus, the lesson here is that one must work diligently for the perfect union between heartfelt, intuition and intellectual wisdom in order to break down the illusion of Ra which will begin to loosen the worldly grip.

Neither cool intellect or raw emotions alone can build the Djedefty shepsy (sacred serpent), yet we have been conditioned in human society to foster just the opposite. Often that spark of Divine intuition gets vanquished by reason of dry intellect, even when it feels wrong to do so, in order to flow with the status quo. In today’s society passionate personalities prevail over sage-like wisdom. We are, in essence, conditioned to be at conflict with ourselves and others.

The message in the myth of Ra and Aset, and in the verses covered in lesson 6 of TTOA, is that it takes a powerful poison to overcome the conflicts that keep us in ignorance. I must confess that many years ago, in my ignorance, when I first read the myth of how Aset used a poison serpent to bite Ra, I asked myself “Why would She do such a cruel thing to Ra?” Now, with the benefit of the teachings as presented by Sebai Maa, I see that the true cruelty is the illusion of Ra that keeps us in ignorance of our true selves. Aset’s “poisoning” of Ra (worldly illusion) is actually an act of true spiritual liberation in the highest sense. Thus, living the example put forth by Aset in the myth of Ra and Aset, combined with the intense daily practices of the Shedy disciplines, brings the heart and mind into harmony with the Divine Self, thus breaking free from the inner conflict of a heart and mind divided by worldly illusion.


Shems Heryt