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Interactive assignment for Lesson 5 – Level 1

Reply to: Attachment Post No 2781 and feedback by Sebai MAA

The rendition and the feedback highlight key qualities for a mature aspirant and in that sense reveal the fact that there is a level of awareness about the seeking process required in order to succeed in the spiritual path.

What impresses me the most is resumed below:

The aspirant needs to avoid being loud and rude: doing so, they reinforce affirmation of external qualities of the Ego and offend the spirit within oneself. A good relationship is necessary to create the adequate context for the teacher to transmit the information that will help the aspirant to progress. The Neterus and the Sages take pleasure in conveying the teaching however, blockage in the transmission results only from the part of the aspirant when he or she becomes shy, rude, and disrespectful of the process. After vetting the teacher, aspirant needs to cultivate ethical conscience and courteousness and offers complete respect for the preceptor.

The level of purity of the aspirant affects the seeking process and determines the practical possibility of knowing Oneself and attains NEHAST.