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Udja Sebai Maa,

Indeed I appreciate your expressing the meaning of Khak ab as “revulsion and revolution” and the metaphor of “an initiate is akin to being a revolutionary against the regime of world illusion.” The example of “revolution” and “revulsion” is very timely in light of current affairs considering the recent protests against racism and a corrupt criminal justice system that profiles people based on the color of their skin.

Years ago I would have been in the midst of the protest crowds, as I have participated in protest marches for everything from civil rights to the nuclear freeze movements. You so aptly explain that the revolution for the initiate is not in the streets, but within. As one who considers themselves an initiate in the Kemetic Tradition of Shetaut Neter, I understand that one should not “live in the world.” However, as an initiate, I do live alongside the world, mostly as an observer, reflecting upon the state of worldly affairs through the lense of the teachings.

I realize that I cannot change the world–no matter how good my intentions–only myself. Moreover, what I seek is not only change within myself, but also a transformation in order to transcend worldly illusion. This is the teaching in the myth of Ra and Aset. Like Aset, I struggle with disappointments and limitations of worldly existence and I am well aware that nothing in the world of time and space–a world of constant change–can be the answer because it is not abiding.

Yet living alongside the world of time and space I must deal with the worldly system because I am obliged to pay my electric bill to keep the lights on, as well as a way to communicate via the computer so that I can participate in Kemet University without having to travel long distances at a time to study with my Spiritual Preceptors. This is one example of putting the “system” to better use but, make no mistake, it is part of the worldly system of flawed technology. Therefore, in my world as an initiate I must use “the system” to the benefit of my Spiritual growth as you explain in your posting. So if I go to a select movie it is not for the entertainment value but to analyze and reflect from the studied eye of an initiate. In fact, I try to measure everything that I do against the ego litmus test. Further, I continue with my Shedy practices because this supports and strengthens my resolve, as I interact alongside the world of time and space, to move beyond the seduction of worldly existence.

It is my intention to transcend into Enlightenment in this very lifetime or die trying.


Shems Heryt