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A good summary.

In the section you included about the episode where Set enclosed Asar, I want to highlight a few points.

“– Set tricked Asar by staging a celebration and inviting Asar to lay in a beautifully adorned coffin he previously prepared to fit Asar exactly. As soon as Asar laid in the coffin (fell into the egoistic trap), Set and his cohorts nailed it shut, cut it into pieces (dismembered the soul) and threw them into the Nile River. So the soul being lured by the trappings of the ego became dismembered and separated from intuitional wisdom.”


Firstly, the issue in mythic principle is that the ego has the exact profile of the soul. So even the best FBI profiler could not beat set. The coffin made for Asar was so perfect that only Asar could fit in it and this is the factor of the individual ego of each personality as being perfect for that particular personality; so perfect in fact that it assumes the thoughts, shape, form and feelings of the soul and usurps the souls power over the personality to such a degree that the soul thinks it is doing the things but in reality the soul is being at every moment deceived and deluded. But at the same time the soul is held fast in the grip of the coffin (delusion, ignorance and weakness). So it cannot escape what it itself believes to be the truth of its own existence. Meanwhile, not only is the identity and personality portrayed by the ego unreal but also the experiences that the ego interprets about the world are also unreal. The experiences of being born, growing up, likes and dislikes, pleasure, pain, exaltation or disappointment, etc., are all projections or presentations of the ego and in themselves have no authenticity or have the authenticity of a movie in a movie theater while the soul is watching the show on the chair in the theater and so enraptured by the show as to be caught up in the story and thinking that it itself is a character on the screen. In this analogy the viewer sitting in the theater, the screen, and the situations depicted in the story-line of the movie are all illusory and only the soul is real, but furthermore, the soul is only a soul as long as it believes it is confined to individual existence and is in reality Ra the all-encompassing spirit that is beyond all individualism or theater shows that may have been projected through billions of years of time and space which itself is illusory because the underlying existence of time and space is eternity. Therefore while events seem to be happening in time and space that is an illusory modification or projection on the background of the undifferentiated non-time and solid matter containing space (NUN) which is itself undifferentiated consciousness sustained by eternity .

Just as the Ra has 75 names or epithets, which are descriptions of his nature, epithets of Ra existence, so to Set has 75 minions representing the nature of ego to counter the spirit consciousness of the soul. The magnanimity and glory or Ra are reflected in his names and the qualities of egoism are reflected in the emanations of Set. One aspect of the spiritual task is to cultivate the qualities of Ra and sublimate the qualities of Set. This last process is effected by the journey and discipline of Heru, who is the foci of the powers and wisdom of the forces (Neteru) that push towards spirit and enlightenment, i.e. Ra, Asar, Aset, Nebethet, Djehuty, Hetheru, Selqet, Uadjit, etc. that have their principles concentrated and elevated in the principle of Heru (Aspiration and Redemption of the soul).